Event Information

Edgewater Arts Festival 2019

Granville Between Broadway and Sheridan.
Chicago, Illinois (Midwest)

Phone: 773 878 9004
Event Dates: 9/28/19 - 9/29/19
Application Deadline: 5/28/19 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $20.00


Event Summary
The Edgewater Arts Festival is run by Edgewater Artists in Motion and features an impressive multi-cultural and multi-generational lineup of artists and is rapidly growing into one of Chicago’s premier artistic events. This year's program features juried artists, live music, craft beer, children's activities and more!

Founded in 2009 as a community organization, Edgewater Artists in Motion (EAIM) is now a 501(c)3 organization sponsored by the SSA #26. Our mission is to: 1) enhance Edgewater's appeal as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly commercial district to assist existing and new business; 2) showcase original art for the enjoyment of the entire community; 3) establish Edgewater as a premier cultural destination in Chicago. 


General Information

EAIM will be doing more this year to make the festival and enjoyable and profitable experience for the artists.

There will be more runners present throughout the festival to help service the artist’s needs. They will help load and unload equipment. Step in, to secure an artist’s goods so they can take a short break. Aid in directing traffic so cars and equipment can move in and out as smoothly as possible. Bottled water will also be provided.

This year there will also be additional festival promotion for artists on radio, TV, and social media. Due to promotional time-line for printing and individual marketing, artists must be registered by deadline to be included.

A certain number of artists will be wait listed. If an accepted artist declines, the next artist on the list will be notified.

All work exhibited must be created and produced by the artist (includes limited and unlimited editions of artist’s original artwork.)

Artists may only exhibit work in the categorys in which they are accepted.

This is an outdoor event and artists needing or wanting insurance will be responsible for proper insurance and protection of work and setup. The Edgewater Arts Festival will not be responsible for damage due to weather or unrelated incidents.

Booth sharing by two artists is allowed. Both artists need to apply separately and be accepted by the jury. 

Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting all taxes. Sales tax here is 10.25%.

The fair provides 24-hour security for the festival. However, the security team cannot watch every space all the time. It is highly encouraged that artists remove their products over night. Tents can remain in place, but again, it is stronly advised that all artwork be removed over night.

The festival takes place just a few steps from Lake Michigan. It's a lovely spot but can be prone to sudden weather changes. Artists should keep in mind that they need to be able to secure and cover their work very quickly in case of sudden storms. All tents should also be securely weighted in case of high winds.


Booth Information
The Jury Fee is $20. Applications will not be accepted until the fee is paid.
There will be 99 booth spaces available for this festival.
Booth size is 10' x 10' for the two-day event.
Single space $190.
Corner space $215.
Shared space $220. Each artist must apply and pay $110 for their half.

The fair runs from Saturday 11am to 7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm. Load in will begin at 7am on Saturday. There is a one-way path for vehicles entering the festival starting on the western end of the festival at Broadway and exiting at Kenmore on the east end.

Booths on the eastern end of the fair will load in first to avoid blocking the lane. It is highly encouraged that artists unload as quickly as possible and move their vehicles to their designated parking spots as quickly as possible to avoid congestion. There will be runners available to help artists load in and load out.

After booth assignments have been made, artists will be given a schedule as to when they should plan to arrive. It is extremely important that everyone adhere to their assigned times.

Please indicate in the questions area if you require a parking spot. We will do the best we can to provide one closest to your tent placement.
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