Event Information

Downtown Art & Craft Market 2019 - Salt Lake City

Historic Pioneer Park, 300 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah (West)

Phone: 801-333-1105
Event Dates: 6/8/19 - 10/19/19
Application Deadline: 4/7/19 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 7 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $35.00


Event Summary
The Downtown SLC Art & Craft Market is a local market and only accepts artists who live and create in Utah. Applications will be accepted from February 5th through April 5th. Applications do not result in an automatic acceptance into the Market. Artists will be notified of their acceptance no later than April 26th. The nonrefundable $35.00 application fee is required to submit an application.

The Downtown Art & Craft Market operates adjacent to the Downtown Farmers Market in Historic Pioneer Park on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, June 8-October 19.

The Market features unique, local art and handmade crafts. We encourage artists working in new or traditional styles to apply. Our objective is to create a colorful and authentic Market with quality, locally made, handmade crafts and artwork at varied prices. A jury of qualified professionals will review the Downtown Art and Craft Market applications. Jurors’ decisions are based on quality and appeal as well as the overall balance of the various media represented. Please read the Downtown Art & Craft Market Guidelines and Policies.

The full season (17-20 weeks) booth fee is $700.00. Part-time (16 or fewer) booth fees are $50.00 per date. All fees are due upon acceptance and are nonrefundable. The payment deadline is June 4th. A wait list may be implemented for specific dates if necessary. Please see Vendor Booth Policies for more information. Please direct any questions you have about this Market to meagan@downtownslc.org.

General Information
Construction at Pioneer Park remains underway. You should anticipate continued construction through at least the beginning of the Market season. We are unclear what the level of disruption or date of completion is at this time. We will provide the most current information as we get it. Thank you for your patience in this matter. 


Applications are accepted online at zapplication.org beginning February 5, 2019. The application deadline is April 5, 2019. Applications do not result in an automatic acceptance into the Market. All applications are reviewed by a selected jury. Once the review has taken place vendors will be notified of their status as invited, alternate or not invited. Notifications will be sent to the e-mail provided on the application no later than April 26, 2019. A nonrefundable application fee of $35 is required upon submission.


Note: The jury process is structured to give every applicant equal consideration. PRIOR PARTICIPATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE IN THE CURRENT YEAR'S MARKET. The jury will not evaluate late applications. Any applications that do not include the requried images and artist statement will not be seen by the administrator. The jury will not be able to evaluate incomplete applications or applications that come unaccompanied by the required application fee.

•   ALL CRAFTS MUST BE HANDMADE BY THE APPLICANT IN UTAH. Pre-manufactured, mass produced, imported or commercial products will not be considered.
•   Applicants are required to include digital photographs of their work as well as an artist statement with the application. Vendors are required to submit a maximum of 6 photographs representative of the items intended to sell as well as a photograph of the display (7 photographs total). Digital photographs should be in JPEG format, no smaller than 1400 pixels on the longest side. Guidelines, suggestions and instructions can be found here: http://www.zapplication.org/images.phtml. The jury makes its decision based on the photographs of products and the artist's statement.
•   Applicants must submit an artist’s statement in the space provided on the application. The applicant will provide a few paragraphs describing the process, the artist’s relationship with the process (inspiration) and why the artist has chosen the selected medium. Any applications that don't include a descriptive statement will be returned for completion before it's submitted. Applicants needing assistance with drafting an artist statement may contact the Salt Lake Community College Writing Center for free coaching.
•   Once accepted, vendors may display and sell the type of work presented on their application. Any changes must be approved by the Market Manager.
•   Selections will be made from the primary classifications listed on the application (i.e. jewelry, textile, pottery). To ensure balance and fairness to all exhibitors, each classification has a limited number of openings.

All vendors are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) or greater to participate in the Market. This will also cover you if you participate in the Tuesday or Winter Market. Downtown Alliance/Urban Food Connections of Utah must be named as an “Additional Insured” on the Certificate. If you already have general liability or other type of business insurance, speak with your agent about adding DTA/UFCU as additional insured. You may want to inquire with your current home/auto insurance provider to see if they offer this type of coverage. If you do not currently have insurance, please plan to get insurance BEFORE June 8, 2019.  

Downtown Alliance/Urban Food Connections of Utah
175 E. University Blvd.   Suite 600
Salt Lake City, Utah  84111

Further details will be provided at the vendor orientations.



The jewelry category is often the most applied for category in many art and craft markets. The Downtown Art & Craft Market has identified three subsets of jewelers: CRAFT, ARTISAN and MIXED. Jewelers who design their jewelry using beads and/or other components they did not create fall into the JEWELRY - CRAFT category. Jewelers who craft the components of the jewelry they design (silversmith, gem cutting, stone tumbling, etc.) fall into the category of JEWELRY - ARTISAN. Mixed Jewelers offer jewelry that falls into both categories. Artists offering a variety of products, including jewelry, should also apply under the JEWELRY - MIXED category.


The textile category at the Market is often the most misunderstood and difficult to identify as a craft. Textiles at the Downtown Art & Craft Market must be modified, solely by the artisan, to the extent that they reflect an original, artistic character and are obviously informed by the artist’s intention. Textiles that are not allowed into the Downtown Art & Craft Market include, but may not be limited to, those that are mass produced in any way by an outsourced printer or those that are produced/mass produced outside of the state of Utah. The textile artists featured at the Downtown Art & Craft Market often create their products from scratch, with raw materials. Exceptions typically are characterized by screen printed or modified materials designed and created to produce an original design, by the artist.

The Jury Process is handled as follows:

1.  An impartial jury of up to eight professional artists or arts advocates will be selected from our local community.

2.  They meet and examine all of the applications in one session, assigning each a number from 1 - 7.

3.  The jury carefully examines a number of important criteria in each application:

•   Does the product meet the minimum criteria? (Handmade, locally made)
•   What is the quality of the product?
•   How marketable is the product?
•   Does the product enhance the overall variety of products at the Market?
•   Is the product compelling?

4.  The jury results are collected and the top scoring vendors are admitted to fill the available spaces at the Market. The applicants who meet the Market’s criteria but fall just below the average score will be placed on an alternate list to fill available vacancies that occur throughout the season. The applicants who fall well below average will not be invited to participate and will be notified.

Remember: The majority of the applications we receive meet most of the qualifications. The jury is dedicated to carefully consider each applicant according to the above criteria.


We encourage vendors to create a strong booth presentation including, but not limited to, unique and compelling signage that helps identify the business. Research at markets has shown that those vendors with an organized presentation tend to sell the most product. All signs should be at eye level or higher. Any signs that interfere with the flow of foot traffic are prohibited.


Urban Food Connections of Utah (UFCU) values the efforts vendors make in preparing for our markets and events. Carefully review the following policies, which are subject to change at any time. Updates and communication will be sent to the email address provided in the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to retrieve and disseminate all communication to their staff members prior to market day. To ensure the success of the DFM and safety of its patrons, all vendors must abide by the following policies:


 Family members or employees are allowed to sell at the booth — no agents or resellers. Anyone working the DFM is required to be knowledgeable of and comply with DFM Guidelines and Policies. The contact person listed on the vendor application is responsible for training staff to ensure full compliance.

 Booth size is approximately 10 linear feet of space. The size of each space varies depending on the location of trees, poles, sidewalks, and other permanent fixtures. Keep items off of sidewalks and walkways to maximize room for customers. No signage will be allowed in the walkways along 300 South.

 The DFM assigns spaces based on attendance, amount and type of products, canopies, cooking requirements, sales, vehicle size, and other special considerations. Vendors without reserved spaces must check in at the DFM Info Booth upon arrival. Do not choose a space without first notifying Market staff.

 DFM hours are 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. Unloading and setup for vendors begins two hours before opening. Vendors must be set up and ready to sell no later than 15 minutes before opening. DFM staff has the right to reassign a full-time vendor’s space to another vendor if the full-time vendor has not arrived 15 minutes before opening. Vendors are expected to stay for the duration of the Market day.

 Vendors are responsible for providing their own equipment. All canopies are required to be properly secured with a weight system using a minimum of 25 lbs/leg. If a weight system is not in place, vendors must take their canopy down and may be fined. See the document, Canopy 101, for details.

 Electricity is extremely limited at Pioneer Park. Vendors requiring electricity must specify the amount needed up to 18 amps. Prepared food vendors receive first priority for power.  Generators are only allowed upon Market Management approval. Solar power is encouraged where possible. Please make arrangements with Market Management if electricity is required.

 DFM staff has the authority to move and reassign vendor spots to enhance or facilitate market operations at our sole and absolute discretion.


●     Vendors may not sell any items not approved or declared in their Market application. Market staff reserves the right to have vendors remove unapproved products. Approval from the Market Manager is required before any products may be added during the course of the season.

●     Price, terms of sale, etc. are between buyer and seller only. Vendors will determine the prices for products sold, but the DFM requests that vendors maintain fair retail market pricing. The DFM, UFCU, or any other party will NOT make any warranty on sold or purchased goods. Sellers agree to abide by fair business practices.

●     Vendors must notify the DFM Manager by phone or email at least 48 hours in advance if they will not be attending the Market that week. Non-compliance or repeated absences risk fines and forfeiture of permanent reserved space.

●     Vendors are responsible for their own garbage. Vendors must clean up their booth spaces at the end of each day. UFCU provides bins for recycling and certain types of compost, located behind the info booth. All other garbage should be removed by the vendor. Vendors must pack out garbage at the Winter Market.

●     Vendors should respect one another’s space and right to sell their products without intrusion.

●     Problems with other vendors should be discussed with DFM staff. Please review the official grievance policy to submit a formal complaint.

●     Sampling is permitted at the DFM provided that the person handling the food has a current food handler permit, a hand washing station, and abides by all food safety standards.

●     The DFM strives to be a zero-waste environment.

  • Vendors should limit packaging where possible and use alternative products where appropriate.
  • The use of single-use plastic grocery bags and plastic beverage bottles is prohibited at all UFCU Markets. We encourage customers to bring and use reusable bags or other alternatives.
  • Vendors must properly dispose of waste including recyclables and compostables.


Saturday Downtown Farmers Market:
  • Vendors with booth spaces on the interior sections of the park are allowed to keep ONE vehicle in the park during DFM hours. There will be a fenceline around the construction prohibiting driving through the center of the park. Vendors on the interior will be required to stick to driving on the provided pathways until reaching their assigned booth space.
  • We encourage vendors to bring only one vehicle to the Market. However, if additional vehicles are needed, they must be parked in the vendor parking lot on 400 W. or at the Gateway (validations are provided). Do NOT park in stalls adjacent to the park. These stalls are for your customers ONLY.
  • Use caution when driving in the park, and be mindful of trees, poles, signage, people, mud pits and dogs. We are fortunate to bring vehicles into the park and would like to keep that privilege.
  • Driving in the park is PROHIBITED during DFM hours (8 am – 2 pm for the Saturday Market). After opening, items must be brought in by hand or cart. Vendors that sell out early will have to wait until closing to drive out of the park.

    Failure to leave booth space clean - $25
    Failure to be set up and ready to operate at Market opening time - $35
    Failure to notify Market Manager with required notice when not attending the Market - $50
    Failure to use tent weights as required - $25
    Daily fees not paid by the beginning of next Market day - $15
    Licenses - failure to provide copies of legal and health department required documents will     
       result in loss of Market space until such documents are in order.
    Reselling - $50 first offense, suspension second offense, expulsion from Market third offense
    More than one approved vehicle in the park - $25
    Unapproved driving in the park during hours of operation - $25
    Vendor vehicle found in unapproved parking space - $25


  Patrons of the Downtown Farmers Market are allowed to have pets on leash in Pioneer Park and must clean up after their pets.

●  Pets are NOT be allowed at/in vendor booths or in close proximity to food.

  DFM will go on rain, shine, or snow. If your product is weather sensitive, make a weather contingency plan with DFM management no later than 48 hours in advance.

  Flyers, handbills, stickers, and promotional items of any kind are not to be distributed outside of vendor’s booth space. Please notify DFM management if you see any violations.

  Buskers and roving performers are required to check in at a DFM Information Booth and display a button showing that they are an “Official Busker.” Report buskers in violation of DFM policies to one of the information booths. See busker application for a full list of busker policies.

  Sales of any kind are prohibited at the DFM unless the seller has applied and been approved to sell at the DFM.

  Amplified music or sound is prohibited at vendors’ booths during Market hours.

  Security is provided by the Market. If there are any concerns, see a Market Manager. If theft occurs or there is a life threatening emergency call 911 first. Be aware of what is going on around and inside of the booth. Booths and cash boxes should not be left unattended.

Booth Information

All booth fees are nonrefundable and due upon notification of admittance into the Market. Applicants can choose to attend on a full or part time basis. Accepted vendors that pay for the full season (17-20 weeks) will be assigned permanent booth spots for the entirety of the season.

*** Art and Craft vendors wishing to share a booth may do so with another vendor who has applied and been accepted into the Art & Craft Market. Vendors are required to submit separate applications. The booth fee will still be $700 for the full season. Attendance from all/both vendors should equate to full time participation.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Full Season (17-20 weeks): $700.00
Part Time Vendors (1-16 weeks): $50.00/date
All payments made after the deadline will incur a 10% service fee.

Part time and alternate vendors will receive their booth assignments by 8:00 pm each week, no later than Thursday prior to their scheduled date.

Deadline for payment is June 4th. All booth fees are nonrefundable. Vendors who have not made payments, or alternative arrangements with Market Management, will not be admitted into the Market. Payments received after the due date will incur a 10% service fee. Vendors are not required to pay for wait listed dates until they are admitted for those dates.
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