Event Information

Gracie Square Art Show 2019


New York, New York (Northeast)

Event Dates: 9/7/19 - 9/8/19
Application Deadline: 5/10/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $35.00


Event Summary
The Carl Schurz Park Conservancy is proud to present the 47th Annual Gracie Square Art Show. Staged in one of the prettiest and peaceful waterside parks in New York City, the Art Show attracts over 100 regionally and nationally celebrated artists.
  • Buy one-of-a-kind paintings, photographs, and sculptures for your home and office
  • Enjoy sandwiches, sweet treats and a beverage from Yura at East End Avenue at the Gracie Square Art CafĂ©
  • Bring the whole family for a day of inspiring activities
  • Art instruction for kids in the Playground
  • Bring the whole family for a day of inspiring activities

General Information
The purpose of Gracie Square Art Show is to promote the work of fine artists in the areas of painting, watercolor/etching/pastel/drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media. All proceeds help fund the restoration and maintenance of Carl Schurz Park.

The Show runs for two days, from 10 am until 5 pm. You must arrive by 8 am in order to secure your booth space, 7am or earlier is even better and is wise in order to secure a parking space on East End Avenue. Your booth space must be fully set up before the start of the show in fairness to all participating artists. Booths may not be dismantled until the end of the show on each day. Security for booth structures only is provided from 5 pm Saturday until 8 am Sunday. All art work and other artist belongings must be removed overnight.
Parking and Street Closures
East End Avenue between 84th and 88th Streets will be closed to traffic between 8am and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Parking passes are supplied upon acceptance. Your pass must be displayed in the windshield of your vehicle at all times.

PLEASE NOTE: Crosswalks MUST remain open and free at all times.  At no time can a car, or any equipment, be placed in a crosswalk. Cars will be ticketed/towed at owners cost.
Although parking will be reserved for artists along East End Avenue, we cannot guarantee spaces directly in front of each artist's booth. All vehicles parked on the east side of East End Avenue must be pulled to the center divider after unloading. Please bring handcarts and arrive by 8 am.
On Saturday evening you may leave your vehicle on East End Avenue, but it must be parallel parked as the street will be opened to traffic from 7pm Saturday until 8 am Sunday.

Sales Tax
The New York State Taxation Department requires artists to have a "Certificate of Authority." To apply for form DTF-17, call 1-800-462-8100. The form is also available from Fax Forms on Demand, 1-800-748-3676, or printed from the Tax Department's website, www.tax.state.ny.us.
Rain Date/Cancelation
There will be no rain date or refunds in the event the show is canceled. Check the phone line – 212-459-4455 for any weather updates and/or cancellation notice. Questions? Leave a phone message at 212-459-4455 or e-mail patrick@carlschurzparknyc.org

If for any reason you are unable to attend the Show, please notify us immediately. If an emergency arises on the day of the show, please call and leave a message on the Carl Schurz Park Conservancy phone at 212-459-4455.



Your exhibit must consist solely of your original creative work and you must be present to exhibit your work. All hanging artwork must be original (framing is preferred). Digital or lithographic reproductions must be displayed in browse bins and labeled as such. You must provide a free-standing display rack. Work may not be displayed on park fences or on artist vehicles. Tents are not permitted in 11x3 spaces. Tenting for 10x10 booths are the responsibility of the artists. Please note that the booth fee is for the space only and you must provide for your own display structure, tenting etc.

All prices for artwork must be visible to the public. Your booth must be neat, attractive and simple. All back stock and storage must be concealed. No cardboard boxes may be visible. You must prepare your booth for all weather conditions. Your display must stay within its assigned space and not infringe on your neighbors' spaces. Please do not deviate from the booth size purchased or it could throw off all our booth assignment measurements. Please do not obstruct pedestrian traffic or view.

Booth Information

Standard 11’ x 3’ — $200.00

Large 10’ x 10’ — $395.00

Premium Location 10’ x 10’ — $470.00

(requests for premium booths and/or booth locations are not gauranteed)

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