Event Information

Atalaya Arts & Crafts Festival 2019

Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina (South)

Phone: 803-734-0767
Event Dates: 9/27/19 - 9/29/19
Application Deadline: 5/15/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is NOT required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 15 applications for this show.


Event Summary
You are invited to submit an application to be a part of the 44th Annual Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival. The festival will be held September 27, 28 & 29 2019 at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. This prestigious show has established a reputation for quality and diversity since its inception in 1975. The festival’s setting at Atalaya, the oceanfront home of famed sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington, provides a beautiful and unique venue for artists and visitors.

General Information
Application Instructions

Applying is easy: The 44th Annual Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival is proud to join other major art festivals in ZAPP™, an online digital application system. Once an artist creates a profile and uploads images, application to multiple shows is just a click away. No printed applications will be mailed. The festival will no longer accept paper applications and slides.

Festival Dates:
September 27, 28, 29, 2019

Festival Location:
Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The Festival’s setting at Atalaya, the oceanfront home of famed sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington, provides a beautiful and unique venue for artists and visitors.

Artisans must submit the online application along with four (4) images of his or her work for judging review. A non-refundable jury fee of $35.00 must accompany your application.


Basketry, Clay/Porcelain, Glass, Jewelry, Leather,/Fiber/Wearable, Original Printmaking, Metal Work, Oil/Acrylic, Paper, Pen/ Ink, Photography, Stonework, Watercolor/Pastels, Woodwork and Other.

If you are entering any type of jewelry (glass, metal, etc.) you must apply in the jewelry category.

If you are entering work in more than one category, you must submit four images for each category, as well as an application for each category. This requires a separate and distinct profile in ZAPP. You must also submit a non-refundable jury fee of $35.00 for each additional submission. You must exhibit your qualifying work at the festival. For instance, if you submitted in both watercolor and acrylic, but you were accepted with your acrylic work, you must exhibit your acrylic work in your booth at the festival, and this qualifying work must be the majority of your booth set up. Because of space limitations, artists who DO qualify in multiple categories will be assigned only one booth space. Please consider this information as you decide if you wish to submit in more than one category.

Jury Process:
A panel of qualified art professionals will review submitted images. Within two weeks of jurying, accepted artists will receive notification of acceptance. Acceptance will be determined by score and category to assure a balanced show. A minimum score-based waiting list will be maintained in each category with cancellations filled from the waiting list. Date of application will serve as a tiebreaker.The jury process will be completed by June 1, 2019 and you will receive notification by June 15, 2019. Artists not qualifying for the show will be notified also.

Digital Images:
The images you choose will be critical to your acceptance into the show, and should focus on the style and techniques used. The jury has only your digital images with which to judge your work. Images must reflect works that have been created within the last five years.

Joint Exhibitors:
Exhibitors that work together in producing a particular type of work shall be regarded as joint exhibitors and need to submit only one application. To see if you qualify as a joint exhibitor, see “Festival Rule #3.”

Accepted Applications:
Your acceptance letter will contain detailed information regarding deadlines for your exhibitor fee of $225.00. No commissions will be charged on work sold at the Festival.

A non-refundable jury fee of $35.00 must accompany your application. You may pay with credit card or check made payable to SCPRT. This is a jury fee and is non-refundable. THE EXHIBITOR’S FEE OF $225.00 SHOULD BE SENT ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF ACCEPTANCE. If accepted, you may pay with credit card or check via ZAPP. Mail check to: SCPRT, Attn: Rachel Murdy, 1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 232, Columbia, SC 29201


Application Deadline: May 15, 2019

Notifications emailed by: June 14, 2019  (no notifications will be issued via phone or fax)

Acceptance Fee due by: July 17, 2019

Last day to request a refund: August 21, 2019 *less a $25 processing fee

Set up Dates: September 26 and 27, 2019

Festival Dates: September 27, 28 and 29, 2019

General Information

The Festival: Hours of the show are noon until 6pm, Friday; 10am until 6pm, Saturday; and 10am until 5 pm, Sunday. A daily Festival admission fee of $10 for adults will be charged. Visitors ages 15 years and under will be admitted to the festival at no charge. Live entertainment and a food court will be provided throughout the event.

Facilities: The Festival will take place in the interior rooms and courtyard of Atalaya. The facility will be locked at the end of each day and security will be provided during non-show hours, beginning at 6pm on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

Atmosphere: The Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival is a family-oriented show for spectators of all ages. Work exhibited must be in keeping with the family atmosphere.

Please call Gwen Davenport at (803) 734-0767 or Email: gdavenport@scprt.com

Festival Rules

1. Exhibitors will not be limited to a maximum number of works, but must use discretion in providing an attractive, uncluttered display. Easels and other display accessories are the responsibility of the exhibitors. There is no charge for electricity. Exhibitors may not put any tape, glue or nails into the walls or of Atalaya or in the trees, or alter the structure and grounds in any way.

2. Booth spaces are located indoors and outdoors, and are identified with a “C” and for outdoors, and an “R” for indoors. Additionally, the large Indoor Studio (IS) is covered and houses six (6) exhibits. The large Outdoor Studio (OS) is not covered and houses six (6) exhibits. The entrance area (E) houses four (4) exhibits. White canopies are permitted for those wishing to cover their exhibits in outdoor spaces. White canopies larger than 10’ x 10’ are not permitted. Please indicate on the application if you plan to use a canopy. Because of plantings and walkways in the courtyard, five outdoor spaces (C23, C25, C35, C36 and C47) will not accommodate a 10’ x 10’ canopy. Please note in space preference on the application if you have a flexible setup and can use one of these unique, highly visible spaces. Indoor and outdoor spaces vary in size, but average 100 square feet. Some rooms are large enough for two exhibits, and will be designated on the floor plan.

3. “Joint exhibitors” is defined as two individuals that ordinarily work together in producing a particular craft or form of art. Persons that represent several artisans are not eligible, nor are persons that represent a commercial business. Those that do qualify as joint exhibitors are eligible for cash awards. Family members that work independently of each other are not considered joint exhibitors. In this case each person must submit a separate application for jurying.

4. All work must be original, designed and made by the exhibitor, and made in the USA. This will be strictly enforced. All works must be attributable solely to the displaying artist(s). Our intention is to provide exhibits that are not displays of mass produced merchandise. Unacceptable items for exhibiting include, but are not limited to: kits, decoupage and similar items, food items, plants (except Bonsai), books, manufactured items, records, tapes, CDs, polished rocks, and works utilizing materials from endangered or protected species. Commercial prints of original art cannot exceed 50 percent of the artwork offered for sale. We reserve the right to cause any unacceptable work to be removed from any exhibit or to cause any exhibit to be removed which does not reflect standards and goals set forth by Festival officials. If you question whether any or all of your work is in compliance with these guidelines, you are advised to write or phone well in advance of the show. Ribbons won at any other art show or any previous Atalaya Festival cannot be displayed.

5. All works submitted to be judged for cash awards must be made within the last 5 years. Any work that won a cash award at a previous Atalaya Festival is not eligible for judging. Those exhibiting jointly will be considered as one exhibit and will be subject to the same rules and guidelines as individual exhibitors.

6. Each exhibitor must maintain a display of his/her work for the duration of the Festival. Anyone failing to do so forfeits any award money and may be excluded from future shows. It is permissible to leave your display in the hands of a friend (for a brief period) if you are unable to be present at all times.

7. It is understood that many artisans are willing to negotiate the price of their product. However, the prominent display of sale signs, or the use of any other means to indicate clearance or end-of-show specials, is prohibited.

8. The Festival will not be canceled or postponed due to inclement weather (hurricanes and other similar extreme circumstances excepted). Every effort will be made to move exhibitors to a dry place, but no guarantees are made regarding relocation. The cost of sponsoring the event will prohibit us from making refunds requested because of inclement weather.

9. Pets of any kind are strictly prohibited.

The South Carolina State Park Service reserves the right to make adjustments to these guidelines and to make other decisions in order to ensure a successful event and fairness to the exhibitors.
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