Event Information

Georgetown Christmas Stroll 2019, 39th Annual

The Georgetown Square
Georgetown, Texas (South)

Phone: 512-639-8719
Event Dates: 12/6/19 - 12/7/19
Application Deadline: 7/20/19 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $25.00


Event Summary


 Kick off the holiday season with some holly-jolly, family-friendly fun at the annual Christmas Stroll located in the historical downtown Georgetown, Texas. Attracting over 40,000 people, THIS is the Christmas event in the South to be at!

Friday evening kicks off a load of entertainment & shopping fun while Saturday morning ushers Santa in on the annual Christmas Stroll parade.
 Young and old alike will enjoy this event as we have something for EVERYONE. Shoppers will love the fine selection of shops in the downtown area with streets filled with more than 200 artisan, craft, clothing & jewelry vendors. Guests can travel back in time to enjoy the re-enactment of life 2000 years ago in Bethlehem Village, including a live musical nativity scene. Kids love visiting Santa as well as the variety of other fun & engaging activities prepared for them. (Past Strolls have featured the Mount Everest Climb-n-Slide, an ice skating rink, street hockey, rock wall, kiddie train, swing ride, city vehicles, i.e. firetruck, police car, etc, & Whoo Hair Village just to name a few!)
Kids of all ages can also try their hand at the 
Home Depot make & take booth! 
  Enjoy LIVE musical performances by local performers, area schools and organizations featured on two different stages both days and who would forget to feed their appetite w/ yummy food from any of our premier restaurants or special food vendors.


General Information
Event DATE & HOURS: December 6, 2019 5PM-9PM / December 7, 2019 10AM – 8PM
Event LOCATION: The Georgetown Square in Georgetown, TX
 Friday, December 6th  - 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
~ Bistro Food Court
~ Early Shopping with 200 + Vendors
~ Bethlehem Village
~ Cookies with the Grinch (Friday Night Only)
~ Movie & Popcorn in Childrens’ Area (Friday Night Only)
~ Live Entertainment on 2 stages
Saturday, December 7th - 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
~ Bistro Food Court
~ Early Shopping with 200+ Vendors
~ Parade Kicks off at 10:00 am
~ Bethlehem Village
~ Photos with Santa
~ Whoo Hair Village
~ Multiple Free Kids Activities
~ Live Entertainment on 2 stages
~ Plus more exciting things to do and see
  • Local Non-profits also encouraged to apply.
  • Sponsorships available (see website).
  • Food vendors will also be juried.
  • A $25 non-refundable application fee is due with registration application.
  • Submit 5 quality images {include 1 booth shot}
  • Only ONE application per vendor allowed.
  • All booth spots include electricity (minus a few in the Childrens’ Area)
  • There WILL be a waiting list. More information on that will be posted on our website.
If paying by check please remit to: Downtown Georgetown Association, P.O. Box 1766, Georgetown, TX  78627

Complete entire application form.

You must agree to all DGA Event Rules & Policies.

All correspondence will come to you via e-mail through the ZAPP System.  Be sure to add the ZAPP address to your e-mail contacts and check your spam and junk mail folders to insure our communications are not going to those folders in error. To reply to any email correspondence from the ZAPP system, email DGA.Events@downtowngeorgetownassociationtx.org that way we can assist you. 

For more information, email the Event Coordinator, Melody Copeland at DGA.Events@downtowngeorgetownassociationtx.org or call (512) 639-8719. We also invite you to check out our website at www.thegeorgetownsquare.com. 

The vendor selection process will begin after the July 20, 2019 application deadline. 
Medium Categories Include:

Fine Art
Mixed Media
Ceramic / Pottery
Graphic T'Shirts / Hats
Custom Georgetown Products
Custom Hill Country products
Women's Boutique
Womens Accessories
Mens' Clothing / Accessories
Childrens’ Clothing / Accessories
Paper Products
Childrens' Toys
Bath & Body Products
Fine Food – Honey, Beef Jerky, Olive Oil, Herbs, & Spices
Other Cottage Food
Health & Wellness
Home & Garden
Pet Products
Stitch work / Quilting

Exhibits must be open to the public from:
5:00PM –9:00PM Friday AND 10AM – 8PM Saturday (Parade will also begin at 10AM).
All times are Central Standard Time. Each exhibitor must stay open for business during these hours.
The following are the contractual terms and conditions of the agreement to rent Participant space at any event held by Downtown Georgetown Association. As a participant, your acceptance of these terms shall constitute a binding agreement.
I.                    Downtown Georgetown Association. [hereinafter “DGA”] shall mean Downtown Georgetown Association, their officers, agents, staff and any volunteers acting for it, in the management of this event.
II.                  Eligible Participants. DGA reserves the right to determine whether a business is eligible for inclusion in any event.
III.                Eligible Products. All products and services to be sold, offered or referred to during an event must be included in the Application and approved by DGA. DGA reserves the right to accept or exclude the sale of any product. No participant is guaranteed product exclusivity.
IV.                Contact Information. Participants are required to provide contact information to be used before, during and after an event. This information includes: name(s) of each person who will be occupying and / or accessing the booth, active mobile phone numbers capable of receiving text messages, monitored email addresses for each personnel working the event, AS WELL AS the license plate(s)  for the vehicle(s) entering the Event Area. Participants will be contacted via email and/or mobile device for general event information and updates, notices of inclement weather or in event of an emergency. Participants are encouraged to use the system to provide information and alert DGA of situations and / or emergencies.
V.                  Consequences for Noncompliance. Participant understands that violation of or noncompliance within this Agreement or any rule, regulation, law, ordinance, or decree may result in immediate expulsion of Participant, agents, associates and / or affiliates and property and goods from the event without a refund of any applicable fees paid. All rules will be strictly enforced.  Failure to comply with rules or unruly behavior (including intoxication or verbal abuse) by an exhibitor or assistant(s) will require immediate expulsion from the present event and will eliminate exhibitor from future events.  Downtown Georgetown Association reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.
a.       Participant understands and agrees that any employees, agents, or associates, etc. acting on the behalf of the Participant and subject to the terms set forth above and will be viewed by DGA as an action of the Participant.
VI.                Fire and Safety Laws. All federal, state and city regulations pertaining to fire and safety must be adhered to.
a.       Participant is responsible for assuring all items in the assigned booth are adequately secured in the event of weather, i.e. wind, rain, etc., and that weights must be used to secure all corners of tent along with all displays and structures contained within the booth (tables, shelves, hanging racks, etc.) so that any of these items are not allowed to blow into or damage another Vendor's booth, property and / or merchandise.
VII.              Compliance with Law/Standards. Participants are responsible for meeting all city/state resale-licensing agreements. DGA assumes no responsibility for any tax liability incurred by Participant from the sale of any goods or services at the event.
a.       Participant further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DGA from any tax liability the Participant may incur from the sale of any goods or services at the Event.
b.      Participant must comply with fire, safety, tax and ADA requirements of the City of Georgetown and Williamson County and regulations determined by the Williamson County Health Department and, if applicable, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).
VIII.            Insurance. Insurance is the responsibility of the Participant. DGA is not responsible for replacement of lost or stolen goods. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own general liability insurance for all events, including set-up and tear-down.
IX.                Event Area Access. Participants may enter the event area with ONE vehicle at a time per vendor prior to the start of an event and at the end of an event.
a.       At the start of an event, Participants will receive instruction on entering the Event Area and are required to enter on the street as instructed. Participant must unload all items at their designated location and exit immediately. Participants must remove their vehicle from the Event Area immediately after unloading and return to complete setup.
b.      At the end of an event, Participants must tear down and prepare their items for pickup prior to returning with their vehicles to the Event Area.
c.       Exiting the Event Area. Participants will receive instruction on exiting the Event Area and are required to exit on the street as instructed.
X.                  Booth Space. Participants agree that:
a.       Participants who submit an application and payment for a minimum of three (3) events, may specify a preferred location (this only applies to Second Saturday Market Days).
b.      A specific location is not guaranteed. Every effort will be made to place Participant in the space assigned prior to an event; however, situations may occur forcing a relocation. The need for a relocation is at the sole discretion of the DGA.
c.       Spaces may not be sold, traded, or sub-leased. No refunds will be given once application is received.
d.      DGA cannot be held responsible for obstructions that are out of our control. This includes, but is not limited to, abandoned vehicles, landscape (trees / shrubs), utility boxes.
e.      Booth/display height cannot exceed 15 feet. Exceptions must be approved by DGA in writing prior to event.
f.        DGA will make all decisions on placement of all Participants. Any one that does not have an approved permit will be removed.
XI.                Generators No generators are permitted without prior approval. Absolutely no loud generators.
XII.              Parking. Parking is available at: 7th & Rock, 8th & MLK or 9th & Main.
a.       Parking in front of merchant stores is strictly prohibited. Participant understands parking in prohibited areas constitutes a violation of the terms of this Agreement. In addition to the Consequences for Noncompliance, the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense. As this Agreement serves as notice, DGA, its staff, volunteers and Board of Directors may not held responsible.
XIII.            Tents. All tents are required to have a minimum weight of 40 pounds per tent leg. No exceptions. In the event a Participant’s tent or any of the Participant’s property causes damage to another booth due to negligence, the Participant will be held financially responsible for all damages, including loss of product and / or loss of business.
a.       Tents may not be secured by inserting stakes into the pavement.
b.      Tents are not be permitted on sidewalks and / or grass areas. No exceptions.
c.       All tents must be fire resistant and properly labeled, in order to meet the fire code as determined by the City of Georgetown.
d.      Tent color specification: NO SPECIFICATION. (Only participants in the Wine and Music Festival must have a white tent. This requirement will be strictly enforced).
                                                               i.      Participants for Wine Fest not in compliance will be required to either obtain a white tent or vacate the premises.
e.      Only LED lighting is allowed in tents.
f.        In the case of heavy rain where water accumulation occurs on top of tent, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO POUR WATER DIRECTLY OFF A TENT. Anyone seen or reported doing so will be written up and highly risks not being asked back again. One must first notify Stroll staff of the situation then if no staff is able to assist, can proceed with water removal by cupping it out from above and disposing into a bucket, then dumped away from the event area. A step stool, pitcher or large cup and bucket should be part of your possessions. COME PREPARED FOR THIS.
g.       In the event that rain water gets inside electrical outlets, all vendors must remove all plugs from outlets until given the ok to reconnect by Event Staff. (This is a perfect example of why it’s so important we have your cell phone number. In a case like this, you would receive texts with messages from the DGA Staff & the Electric Company. The outlets must have time to dry out before plugs can go back in and only the Control Center will know when they are.)
h.      Exhibitors must bring their own display tables, shelves, or whatever is needed for proper display of items. Exhibitors must have tents or awnings, as this is an outdoor festival. The Festival will be held rain or shine. Exhibitors will be expected to participate regardless of weather conditions. Your space is on pavement. (MARKET DAYS, WINE FEST & BOO BASH: Only C-numbered booth assignments have an electrical hookup). 
i.         Booth Operator is responsible for all "booth" set-up and take down of merchandise, displays and tents or covers. It is further understood that each booth operator is responsible for assuring that all items in his/her own booth are well secured in the event of weather, i.e. wind, rain, etc., and that weights must be used to secure all corners and parts of booth (tables, shelves, hanging racks, etc.) so as not to blow into or damage another booth operator's booth and merchandise.
j.        Participants are responsible for their own electrical cords. All cords must be covered and kept out of walkways within or near the booth. An abundance of caution is required to minimize the risk of creating trip hazards.
k.       No open flames, lit candles or burning of incense will be allowed inside of tent.
l.         Outside cooking and / or grilling must be approved in writing by DGA prior to event and must be contained in the designated space to insure public safety. All Participants must comply with regulations of the City of Georgetown and Williamson County, Texas. (FOOD VENDORS and COTTAGE FOOD VENDORS are required to have a Williamson County Temporary Food Permit and follow all fire code regulations. Please be aware you may be inspected by the County or Fire Department. It is your responsibility to meet all requirements).
XIV.            Sanitation. Participant is responsible for maintaining a high standard of sanitation inside and nearby the booth, including keeping all goods, services, cooking and flooring (ground) surfaces clean and litter-free. Materials (i.e. marketing materials, cups or napkins) must be secured from wind.
a.       Disposal of Trash: Participant may deposit small material into trash or recycling receptacles (as appropriate) located in event area. Participants are not allowed to place material outside of or on the ground near a receptacle in the event the receptacles are full. Participants are responsible for the removal of large material unless otherwise agreed upon in writing prior to the event. Any items provided to the Participant by the DGA must be returned to the DGA booth at the conclusion of the event. Participants must provide sufficient personnel to comply with these terms.
b.      During Events: No trash should be allowed to pile up within the booth.
c.        At Closing Each Night: Participants are responsible for the removal of trash. Participants using grease in their operation, or that produce grease as a by-product of food preparation, must use grease containers. Grease liquids or solids may not be dumped in any sewer, sink, tree pit or anywhere else on event site.
XV.              Surrender of Premises. At the conclusion of the event, Participants must surrender the premises to DGA in the same condition as when originally occupied.

Booth Information
All exhibitors will be charged fees as determined below. All booth fees are non-refundable. 

~        (1) 10' x 10' Booth Space ($275.00) 
~        (2) 10' x 10' Booth Spaces ($475.00) 
~        (1) 10’ x 10’ Booth Space ($75.00) *must be a 501-C(3) or 501-C(6) etc.
~         (1) 10' x 20' Booth Space ($550.00)
~         (1) 10’ x 30’ Booth Space ($625.00)
  • All sales, taxes, etc. are to be handled by the exhibitor.
  • No commission is taken at this Festival. 
  •  No space assignment will be made until the booth fee is paid. (The booth fee is due only after invitation is given to the exhibitor and accepted).

  • ONE VEHICLE PER VENDOR at a time allowed on the street to unload.TEAR
The Downtown Georgetown Association will not be liable for any losses or damages occurring on the Festival grounds.