Event Information

Las Artistas Art & Fine Crafts Show 2019

EPIC Railyard Event Center 2201 E.Mills Rd
El Paso, Texas (South)

Event Dates: 11/23/19 - 11/24/19
Application Deadline: 7/15/19 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

The Las Artistas Art & Fine Craft Show, now in its 50th year, is a popular pre-Thanksgiving event, attracting an upscale audience of arts and crafts collectors and enthusiasts from El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM, and beyond. This small, artist-produced show is strictly juried, catering to affluent and discerning buyers. Booth fees are very reasonable and include electricity, reported art and fine craft sales are consistently strong, and the event has a friendly, easy going atmosphere. All booths will be located INSIDE and will be 10x10 or 10x15! To attract even more buyers, the show will feature art and craft demonstrations, live music, and creative cuisine from food trucks.

Las Artistas is working with a professional marketing agency with arts and crafts event expertise to promote the show and is updating its website to provide exhibitors with additional exposure. El Paso is known as a community that supports, promotes and funds the arts. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your work in a fun, festive environment!

General Information
Founded in 1970, El Paso Las Artistas is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote an appreciation for fine crafts and art within the El Paso and southern New Mexico communities. The Las Artistas Art & Fine Craft Show serves not only the one million plus population of the greater El Paso area but Las Cruces and southern New Mexico as well. The members of Las Artistas believe El Paso deserves the very best in the arts. Toward that end, we provide a venue for local, regional and national artists, as well as emerging artists, to show and sell their work. We encourage the education of arts students through annual donations. Las Artistas receives support from the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

The Las Artistas Art & Fine Craft Show, now in its 50th year, is a popular pre-Thanksgiving event, attracting an upscale audience of arts and crafts collectors and enthusiasts from El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM, and beyond. This artist-produced show is strictly juried, catering to affluent and savvy buyers, and we strive to select works that exhibit mastery in each medium. Reported sales from this event have been consistently high from year to year.

The 2019 show is now established at the EPIC Railyard Event Center offering INDOOR 10 x 10 and 10 x 15 SPACES FOR ALL exhibitors!  Electricity is included in the reasonable booth fees.  

We also work hard to create a friendly, easy-going environment that is enjoyable for you, the artist. We provide a artists with coffee and light refreshments for breakfast & free parking. Artist packet will contain information about hotels and rv parks.

Our booth fees and electric fees are very reasonable ($295 to $435) and include electricity. All booths are 10x10, 10x15.

March 20 - June 10: application available
July 9 : Jury notification
August 15: Accept invitation purchase deadline
September 6: Cancellation deadline for 100% refund
September 20: Cancellation deadline for 50% refund
November 22 : Set up
November 23 & 24 : Show
The show hours are: Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4.

Jurors Choice awards are given to 3 participating artists each year and they are exempt from jury and also receive remission of their application fee the following year.

Emerging Artists: Las Artistas is proud to support emerging artists. A limited number of emerging artists will be accepted into the show each year. Emerging artist must provide four images of their work and either a booth shot or a sketch of their booth space. Once accepted the artist will receive an exhibition space for the discounted rate of $100. Emerging artist spaces are 9x9.

Emerging artists must not have an established record selling their work at art and fine craft festivals and may only participate in Las Artistas three times as an emerging artist.

Questions regarding completing applications, eligibiltiy and using Zapplication can be sent to 
showchair@lasartistas.orgPlease select "emerging artist" from the media dropdown menu. Applicants without a booth shot may submit a fifth imagine of their work. At least one image must be indicated as a "booth shot" in order for it to be submitted.

Please review our Standards Policy as well as our Print Guidelines before you apply to the show. It can be found at http://www.lasartistas.org. Note: Printmakers and painters must limit open edition, mechanically reproduced images to no more than 30% of exhibited works.

Artists are juried individually for their own work. If there is a collaboration to produce one product, please state so on the application. No representatives may sell for an artist and no items significantly dissimilar to juried items may be exhibited. Commercially manufactured, imported, kit or mass produced items are not acceptable. Artists will be required to remove any item that Las Artistas deems inappropriate.

Only artists who have been juried for jewelry may sell jewelry at the show. No body products or food products are eligible.

Individual artists may share a single booth with no more than a total of 2 different media. ALL ARTISTS and ALL MEDIA must be juried and accepted into the show. Artists may share a booth. Upon acceptance, one booth fee plus a $50.00 fee per additional artist will be due.

Artists are required to be present for the duration of the show.

Artists are required to provide their own walls, pipe & drape, or other suitable booth enclosure. 


Las Artistas Standards Guidelines for Juried Work.

Applicable to all media categories

Las Artistas accepts and encourages traditional and innovative processes resulting in original work. The work must demonstrate technical skill, consistency, and a clearly articulated personal vision. Las Artistas standards require that the materials used must be of an extremely high quality and that they be fundamentally transformed, resulting in work that demonstrates technical fluency and integrity of intent and result.

Aesthetic Considerations

The work must demonstrate more than technical proficiency and more than the reproduction of a recognized style. Products should express the personal aesthetic and vision of the maker and demonstrate a coherent stylistic development, with every attention to detail, design, function and finish. A harmony of intent, process, and result is the measure of successful work.

Components and Accessories

Components or accessories are parts that are not made in the studio of the juried Las Artistas member, which are incorporated into craft objects. Such components and/or accessories are acceptable and appropriate only if: they are of high quality construction and materials; they do not visually dominate the finished object; and they would not be reasonably interpreted, based upon appearance, as objects created by juried Las Artistas members.

Use of Technology and Commercial Production Techniques

Las Artistas’ focus is on work made by hand by individual craftspeople. Commercial production methods, technological advancements, or automation used solely for high volume are not acceptable by Las Artistas’ standards, although exceptions may be made if the following criteria are met:

1. The finished product must demonstrate a high aesthetic, integrity and technical quality.

2. The finished piece’s originality and artistry transcend that of mass‐produced objects.

3. Prototypes and masters for work production produced by these methods are designed and made by the juried craftsperson. The juried craftsperson possesses the knowledge and skill to create

the finished product by means of technique within his or her juried media category as well as the knowledge and skill to utilize and operate the technological tools.

4. The juried craftsperson shall maintain significant hands‐on involvement in the creation and production of each piece.

5. All Las Artistas policies and media guidelines appropriate to the production of this type of object will apply.

Truth in Labeling

Work produced by the Las Artistas juried member may be individually signed or stamped; craftspeople are encouraged to permanently sign or stamp their work. Labeling must comply with legal requirements and Las Artistas Standards Guidelines as specified for each media category.

Health and Safety Guidelines

The craftsperson is responsible for assurance that craftwork meets all federal and local health and safety requirements.

Booth Information
We are pleased to announce that ALL BOOTHS ARE IN THE EXHIBITION CENTER. In addition ALL BOOTHS are either 10x10 or 10x15! There are no outdoor exhibitor booths with the exception of three, 20 x 10 Demonstration Booths located on the enclosed patio. 

300 watts of ELECTRICITY IS INCLUDED in all booth fees.  You are strongly encouraged to use professional quality lighting in your booth.  Minimum 12 gauge electrical cord and fused surge protector required.

10 x 10 booth fee $295
10 x 15 booth fee $435
9 x9 Emerging Artist booth fee $100 (space may vary depending on the number of participants)
Corner fee is $50
Electricity included

Notification date is by July 9, once you have accepted and paid, you will be assigned a booth based on availability of your stated preference.