Event Information


Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest 2020 - 39th Annual

Denver Mart
Denver, Colorado (West)

Event Dates: 1/17/20 - 1/19/20
Application Deadline: 10/15/19 Midnight MST
51 day(s) and 19 hour(s) remaining


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $25.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Join us for the 39th Annual Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest! 

This colorful celebration of Native American, Southwestern and Western arts features 200 top quality juried artists & craftsmen alongside tribal dances, award winning entertainers, artists demonstrations, culinary booths and interactive special attractions. 

The Festival takes place Martin Luther King weekend at the Denver Mart - a well-known venue in close proximity to the internationally-acclaimed National Western Stock Show.  In 2020, the show will coincide with weekend 2 of the 3 weekend long event; perfect timing for capturing peak tourist attendance!

This is the Indian Market’s second year under the new leadership of Dash Events and Rio Grande Festivals, producers of 4 other annual award-winning art festivals in New Mexico & Colorado. Our goal is to amaze and entice affluent buyers by showcasing an unrivaled quality and variety of artwork, in a lively environment that everyone (exhibitors included!) will enjoy. To attract more buyers and collectors, the show will be advertised extensively by way of billboards, television, newspaper, postcard mailings, Visit Denver, magazines, email blasts to our existing list of 40,000 patrons, comprehensive social media campaigns, as well as great coverage through local publicity.  Last year alone, our tried-and-true kiosk data collection efforts increased our ability to contact Indian Market customers directly by 25%.  

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General Information

Jury Fee $25.00

39th Annual Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest
3 Day Weekend! January 17th, 18th & 19th!

Hours: DOORS OPEN AT 10 EVERY DAY!  Friday 10-7PM, Saturday 10AM-7PM, Sunday 10AM-5PM

Dash Events specializes in art festival production.  We are most well-known for the creation of the Cheesman Park Art Fest, a Denver event that has been ranked #4 in the nation by artists after only a few years on the circuit!  We also partner with Rio Grande Festivals for the start-to-finish production of 3 other major New Mexico festivals, which are all also ranked among the top 100 in the US.  Visit our website to learn more > www.dashevents.com

451 E. 58th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80216

The Denver Mart is very easy to find, located at the intersection of I-25 and 58th Avenue. 58th Avenue is approximately one mile north of where Interstate 70 crosses Interstate 25!  The Denver Mart sits at the confluence to five major highways, just 10 minutes north of downtown Denver and 30 minutes to the Denver International Airport.  The complex has been recently updated and is surrounded by ample parking.

Dash Events excels in advertising and promoting shows extensively through television, billboards, social media, newspaper, national magazines (Cowboys & Indians) and local publications (5280 Magazine), mass direct mail, online advertising and e-blasts.  
  • Cross-Promotion  We have a bird-in-the-hand for cross-promoting with art buyers, as we run the Cheesman Park Art Fest in Denver in July!  We're excited to tap into that customer base by actively promoting the Colorado Indian Market & SW Art Fest at the Cheesman Park show.  We will have postcards at all water stations, as well as an advertisement in the show program.  Data is collected so we may reach these attendees after the show for mail-outs and text alerts as the show approaches. 
  • 40,000 Email Contacts!  Cultivating a loyal customer base is a key component in the success and sustainability of our festivals.  In 2019, we introduced our tablet iPad kiosks to the Indian Market, where customers register to win prizes and receive future reminders and discount coupons for upcoming shows.  This proved to be extremely successful, adding many contacts to our lists for 2020.
  • 11,000 Direct Mail Contacts! All people on our mailing list have previously attended this festival or our sister festival in Denver, Colorado. 

We want to ensure that your participation in this show is a fun and rewarding experience.  During the Festival, the following amenities are offered to all artists:
  • Full color program distributed to patrons
  • Coffee & tea in the mornings, plus ice water refills all day
  • Artist name badges & booth signs provided
  • Free Wifi available
  • Storage available for excess inventory 
  • Pipe & drape available at no charge along the back wall of booth upon request
  • Chairs, tables & trash cans available upon request at no charge
  • All accepted artists can receive free festival postcards upon request for their own mailings, plus access to online marketing tools such as digital flyers, images, and logos.
  • ‘Artist Resources’ web page, with all show information, logistics, site maps, marketing material, helpful links, and our personal recommendations for restaurants and more.
  • 4 free day passes to give to customers or friends.

Regardless of previous participation, each artist must submit a complete application - with jury fee and photos for consideration. *There are not photos on file from previous years*.  For each medium to be displayed, all applicants must submit 5 digital (or physical) images representative of the quality and variety of their work, plus an image of their booth display. Please include biographical information or a resumé, for our use in promoting you and your artwork through the media. Pricing is also taken into consideration when judging marketability. Jewelers, please see eligibility paragraph.  ALL ARTWORK MUST BE CREATED BY THE EXHIBITING ARTIST, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any work falsely entered and discovered at festival will be removed immediately, and artist risks all future involvement.
Applications must be completed online through www.zapplication.org, or sent by mail to Dash Events at 1685 Uintah St. #101, Colorado Springs CO 80904.  Paper applications are available, please call 505-273-7363 if this is your preference.  All eligible applications must be received by midnight on October 15, 2019, with a $25 jury fee, no exceptions.  

The jurying committee will review the images of each entrant and select exhibitors based on ranked jury point totals using scoring of 1 (low) to 7 (high). The following criteria will be taken into consideration: quality of work, mastery of medium, originality, artistic design, focus, marketability and booth display. Work exhibited must be consistent with that shown in images. Booth display photo should accurately represent the work in the category that is being submitted in the images on Zapp. Submit separate entries and jury fees for each category and note in 'booth comments' that you are jurying for two categories but only ordering one booth. 
  • *Jewelry Applicants:  Strung, beaded jewelry pieces made only of purchased beads or components will not qualify for this show. Jewelry applicants must use their own skills and techniques to create the primary component(s) used in their finished piece. Any artist who has applied for a different medium but wants to also jury for jewelry must also send in separate images of jewelry and be juried in, to be allowed to sell it at the show.

  • October 15, 2019 - Deadline to apply
  • November 1, 2019 - Notification of status (invited / waitlist / not invited)
  • November 15, 2019 - Deadline to accept and pay fees to Dash Events. This is also the deadline to arrange a payment plan. 
  • January 16, 2020 - Set-up Day 10a - 7p, artists must check in by 5p or considered 'no show' 
  • January 17-19, 2020 - Festival Dates - doors open at 10 each morning! 


Any work displayed must be designed and created by the exhibitor, no exceptions. Jewelry must be hallmarked & verifiable.  "Buy-Sell" will not be tolerated.  No imports, manufactured items, or work that has been produced by someone else or from kits, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial means can be sold by exhibiting artists and craftsmen in this show.  Fake stones are not allowed for use.  Commercially produced items that play a subordinate role in the finished piece (ex: jewelry chain, frame on painting) may not be sold separately.  Do not display jewelry in your booth if it was not submitted for jurying and accepted, or any other category that you were not juried in for.  Please do not display objectionable items that are not fit for a family-friendly environment.  Limit musical demonstrations to 15 minutes / hour.  Artists will be required to remove anything that does not fit within the festival guidelines; should an artist choose not to comply they may be asked to leave.  We appreciate your cooperation!

Mugs, tiles, hats, t-shirts, or functional reproductions of your work MAY NOT EXCEED 20% of your booth display.  Less is more!  Store re-stock tucked under your table, but do not crowd your booth with reproductions of your own work.  Prints and giclees must be represented / easily recognizeable to customers as reproductions of work.

Artist must be present, and showcasing only the work which was accepted by the jury.  Representatives are not permitted to attend in place of the artist.

If an artist cancels, the open space will be offered to an artist on the wait list in the same category, or to an exhibitor whose work fits in best with surrounding booths.  We do not have a numbered waitlist, each cancellation is considered on an individual basis.

A limited number of booths are reserved for specialty food sampling and also body products, soaps, etc.  Vendors applying for sampling space must submit images of their products and booth as well as submit samples.  These specialty booths are grouped together and have a separate acceptance process.  Culinary vendors are accepted based on product quality, taste, originality and the variety they add to 'Culinary Row'.  Samples of foods and body products need to be sent every 2 years, or sooner if products change.

Upon acceptance, one professional image of the artist's work will be selected for representation on our website & social media, and images of artists' work may also be selected / used for advertising purposes for the festival.  Images that are not professional looking may not be represented.  If you do not permit use of your images for promotional / advertising purposes, please let us know directly.   

Submission of payment is a commitment to participate in the show.  We understand that things come up and life happens, so we have altered the cancellation policy away from 'no refunds', and will offer partial refunds.  Should you notify us of a cancellation by December 13th, you are eligible for 25% of your total booth fees.  From December 14th - January 3rd, you are eligible for 20% of booth fees.  From January 3rd - January 15th, you are eligible for 10%.  Cancellations on set-up day are not eligible for any refund, no exceptions. 

Payment plans are available, and must be arranged through Dash Events with a simple contract.  Following acceptance into the festival - please email emily@dasheventsdenver.com for information and a contract.  If you choose to do a payment plan, your contract and first payment of 50% is due by midnight on Friday Nov 15 in order to hold your space.  The second payment (of 25%) is due December 1st, third payment (of final 25%) is due December 13th.  Failure to pay by deadlines will result in loss of booth space.  Should you be on a payment plan and need to cancel for any reason, you are only eligible for refunds once your booth is has been paid in full. 

Booth Information

  • 10x10 - $590
  • 5x15 - $445
  • 10x15 - $885
  • 10x20 - $1,180
Corners add $100.  Booth payment to reserve your spot due no later than Friday Nov 15th.

NEW!  Set-up takes place Thursday January 16th ALL DAY from 10:00AM - 7PM - you must check-in by 5p on Thursday or you may be considered a no-call, no-show, with no refund.  Finishing touches on booths on Friday January 18th form 7:00AM to 9:00 AM (DOORS LOCK / NO LOADING allowed after 9 AM).  

Work that is presented attractively can be an important factor in sales as well as a positive contribution to the overall appearance of the show. Please plan your booth carefully and make sure it's attractive and easy for customers to come in and look at your work.
  • Each booth needs drapes or solid walls.  Pipe and drape is available at no charge for the BACK WALL of booth, upon request, we will not put this up unless you request it.  Other partitions for side walls must be arranged by the exhibiting artist, do not rely on neighbors.
  • Open shelving or grids must have a solid color drape or pro-panel behind them.
  • No canopy tent tops will be allowed inside the building. As an extra measure of caution, we have been advised that all things on the floor such as rugs, floor mats and extension cords must be taped down completely. Please being your own tape if you plan to have anything on the floor of your space. 
  • Tables must be covered or skirted to the floor on all sides showing, with a suitable, professional looking cover. Storage bins, back stock, wrapping materials etc. should be concealed from view.
  • Art / craft display must not visibly impede on neighboring booth display, by height or width.
  • Display our artist booth sign in your booth.
  • No "Sale" or "Discount" signs. All signs should look professional, or signs/flyers advertising other shows or businesses.
  • All things belonging to each artist are expected to fit within their booth space and not interfere with aisle space or a neighbor's space.  
  • Exhibitor will reimburse Festival for inflicting damage to premises.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for keeping their area clean during show hours, including clean-up at end of show.  
  • Artists are expected to be mindful of other vehicles and not obstruct traffic flow during load-in.
  • One exhibitor chair may be in aisle adjacent to the booth.
  • Lawn chairs, camping or sports chairs are not allowed.  Instead, please feel free to utilize provided complimentary chairs from the venue.
  • Please do not set up exhibitor chairs or other belongings across from booth or in the common areas.

Access to electrical plug is available for an $80 upcharge.  

Two exhibitors (only) may share a booth ($75 additional charge). Submit one entry per exhibitor and designate one person responsible for fees.  Both artists sharing a booth must undergo the full jury process and be accepted into the show in order to share.  Sub-leasing booth spaces IS NOT ALLOWED.  Dash Events does not match artists for booth sharing, this is arranged artist-to-artist.
We hope to see your application for the 2020 Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest!

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