Event Information


Wickenburg Art Club's Artisans' Fair and Fine Art Show at Gold Rush Days 2020

164 E. Apache Street,
Wickenburg, Arizona (West)

Phone: 6233773885
Event Dates: 2/14/20 - 2/16/20
Application Deadline: 12/1/19 Midnight MST
101 day(s) and 3 hour(s) remaining


Images: 7 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $25.00


Event Summary


The Wickenburg Art Club, Inc. (aka WAC) hosts the annual Juried Artisans Fair and Fine Arts Show at Stone Park (on the Library lawn on Apache Street) during the Wickenburg AZ Annual Gold Rush Days, the second full weekend in February. This 100% volunteer supported, three (3) day Juried Artisans Fair features finely crafted, Artisan produced works of art.  2020 will be our 55th year of producing this wonderful show.

In 2020, The Town of Wickenburg Gold Rush Days will be celebrating its 72nd year of fun filled rodeo and other western activities that draw many visitors to the area. Wickenburg, AZ is a small, Western town in Maricopa County, just sixty miles North West of Phoenix, Arizona. Gold Rush Days is one of Arizona's top winter events.

Amenities for the Artisans Fair are:
  • Invitation to participate in the Fine Arts Show and Sale in the town library 
  • Best of Booth prizes 
  • Booth-sitting
  • Continental Breakfast on Friday morning, February 14th
  • Help with cartage in set-up and take-down
  • On-site management
  • Town maps, information and communication
  • 133 spaces at competitive prices
  • Dedicated, secure Wi-fi throughout the grounds.
  • Citizens’ Patrol security from 5pm Thursday through 7 am Sunday
  • Comprehensive advertising on our website, Facebook, AZ Real Country radio and magazine
  • Designated vendor parking
  • Indoor restrooms 
Come, enjoy this fun filled event with...

General Information
The Application Fee of $25 must be paid with application and is NOT refundable.  Space fee is payable by credit card or Paypal upon acceptance of our Invitation to participate.  Please do NOT select "Accept Later" as we cannot hold your space and cannot notify you if another artisan has requested the same space.  Spaces are limited to two (2) per artisan.
Two (2) Artisans may share a space.

An ADDITIONAL ARTISAN creates their own artwork. 
A Collaborator assists the artisan with production of their artwork.

Note:  If BOTH artisans are distributing their own individual business cards, the artisans are NOT considered to be collaborators.

Each exhibiting Artisan must submit an application, pay the non-refundable Application Fee and be juried. When sharing space, both artisans must be listed on both applications.
The 2020 Space Fee structure is:

$300 for single-opening space through June 16, 2019
$325 for single-opening space after June 16, 2019 

$325 for two-sided opening (corner) space through June 16, 2019
$350 for two-sided opening (corner) space after June 16, 2019

$350 for three or four sided opening through June 16, 2019
$375 for three or four sided opening after June 16, 2019

ALL Deadline dates and times are governed by Mountain Time.

WAC MEMBERS:  Please contact the Artisans Fair Chair for new fee structure.
Space Fee includes 10x10 space, a Town of Wickenburg Special Events permit, Jurying, Booth Sitters who will give the Artisan a short break when needed, a list of motels/RV parks/dry camping areas and restaurants in the area, a town map indicating areas available for participant parking, a parking ID tag to display in your vehicle, an invitation to enter WAC’s  Fine Art Show in the Library, tickets to Friday’s “Welcome Artisans” Continental breakfast, dedicated, secure wifi throughout the grounds and overnight security from Thursday at 5 pm through Sunday at 7 am.
Electricity is available on a limited basis and at an additional cost of $15.  Artisans must provide extension cords of appropriate type and length and select spaces on the map which are accommodated.  Red Dots indicate electrical outlets.



Set up is allowed on Thursday, February 13, 2020 between 8:00 am and 5 pm ONLYSet up at any other time is by appointment only, must be approved IN ADVANCE by the Artisans Fair On-Site Administrator and, if Friday morning, must be accomplished by 8:00 am.

Vehicles must be removed from the street immediately after unloading.


Show hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.   Artisans must be present at their assigned space(s) throughout the entire show.  Agent Representatives are NOT ALLOWED.  You may sign up or call for booth sitters which are available daily on a first request basis, subject to availability. Show administrators and volunteers are available at all times during show hours to answer questions and resolve problems.  Contact information will be included in your Registration packet.
Indoor Restrooms are usually available in both the Library and in City Hall, which is adjacent to the show area.
Break down is allowed AFTER 5 p.m. on Sunday, February 16, 2020. The Town of Wickenburg governs our closing time. Closing your booth or leaving the show without WAC permission before 5 p.m. on Sunday will result in disqualification from future events.
Please leave your area clean after the show.  
Artisan Parking:

Areas available for Artisan Parking will be identified in your Registration packet.

DO NOT park or unload in the Police Parking lot on Yavapai Street.  YOU WILL BE TOWED!

Vendor Parking IS NOT ALLOWED around the event, on Wickenburg streets or in the lot across the street from the show at any time except for unloading and loading. Those who are entitled to Handicap parking are the ONLY exception.

You MUST remove your vehicle when asked. Failure to comply will affect your return status.
We understand that you might want to load/unload each day, however vehicles must be removed from streets and the lot across the street from the library entrance by 8:30 am each morning and by 5:30 pm each evening during the show.
Street closures: 
E. Yavapai Street (behind the Library) and Valentine Street (East of the Library) are closed from 8:30 am Friday until 5 pm Sunday. Do not move or remove barriers.

WAC Fine Art Show and Sale:
 Artisans are eligible to enter the WAC Fine Art Show and Sale during Artisans Fair at Gold Rush Days that is exhibited in the Library during the event.  Entries will be judged and Cash Prizes and ribbons will be awarded.  Attendees, including Artisans, are encouraged to vote for the ‘People’s Choice’ award.  The Prospectus and application form for the WAC Fine Art Show and Sale will be posted on our website http://www.wickenburgartclub.org

Applications must include images of art work to be displayed and a range of price points.  Only items of the type represented in the images submitted may be displayed.  WAC show officials have the right to request removal of non-juried artwork as well as artwork that does not fit the overall parameters of the show.  Failure to comply will result in removal from the show and disqualification from future events

NEW Artisans must provide seven (7) images:  
THREE (3) of the artwork to be displayed,
One (1) of their booth display, which MUST be representative of the artwork to be displayed and
Three (3) of the Artisan creating their work. Failure to provide photos of the work being created will delay processing your application.
NOTEWAC Juried members and returning artisans may submit six (6) photos of their artwork and one (1) photo of their booth.

Jurying is performed by WAC members both at the application stage and during the show. The jury approves entries based upon the originality, quality, appearance, uniqueness, market value and booth display of the artwork. All artwork must be designed, crafted and exhibited by the applying Artisan. Production processes must be described on your application. No mass-produced, “Buy-Sell”, commercially produced items, imported items, items made from kits or food products are allowed. The decision of the jury is FINAL.

Misrepresentation of display or products, or non-compliance with our rules, will result in removal from the show and disqualification from future events.  
ALL ARTISANS MUST CHECK IN at the WAC Information Booth on Thursday, February 13, 2020 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. BEFORE SETTING UP!

Artisans or collaborator(s) must be present at their booth for the entire event.
Show hours are 9:00 - 5:00 DAILY.  
An AZ Transaction Privilege Tax License is required and must be on display in your booth during the show. You are responsible for collecting and paying AZ Sales Tax. To apply for the AZ sales tax license contact:
Arizona Dept. of Revenue, License & Registration 1600 W. Monroe Phoenix AZ 85007-2650. https://www.azdor.gov/Business/TransactionPrivilegeTax.aspx

Soliciting is prohibited: Artisans may not solicit or approach patrons outside of their booth area.
Solicitation by Independent parties for money or signatures is prohibited and should be reported to show administrators immediately.

Booth Information

"Booth" is defined as a 10’ x 10’structure with canopy and four (4) sides. White is the preferred color. Spaces are marked to accommodate a 10’ x 10’ space plus 1’ easement to facilitate weights. A minimum of 40# per leg is required on 10’ x 10’ booths.

Booths larger than 10’ x 10’ require purchase of two (2) spaces and must be weighted with a minimum of 50# per leg. Oversized” booths will be inspected by Town of Wickenburg Officials. WAC is responsible for all fees and permits.

All weights must be on the INSIDE of the booth. NO STAKES ARE ALLOWED.

Display:  Artisan provides entire booth and display and is responsible for it in case of loss or damage. Booth must be sturdy, safe, clean, and tidy and not encroach on or endanger your neighboring Artisans.
All paintings and 2D art must be hung or displayed on shelves, table top or in print racks.

All signage, artwork, displays, and storage must stay within your designated space. EXTENDING OUTSIDE YOUR SPACE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS NOT ALLOWED. Exceptions must be approved by the Show Administrator, regardless of the circumstances. Failure to comply may result in removal from the show and disqualification from future events.

The Town of Wickenburg Special Events permit with your name and booth number (included in the Registration packet) must be displayed in plain sight on the OUTSIDE of your booth at your booth ENTRANCE at ALL times. Clips will be provided; please return at the end of the show.
Booth Presentation Competition:

Booth Presentation will be judged on Friday morning before noon. The WAC Booth Judging Committee recognizes three artisans with the “Best Booth”, Second and Third place ribbons. Other awards may apply as approved by the WAC Board of Directors.
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