Event Information


Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival 2020

Craig Park on Spring Bayou. 100 Beekman Lane (GPS)
Tarpon Springs, Florida (South)

Phone: (727) 937-6109
Event Dates: 3/14/20 - 3/15/20
Application Deadline: 9/17/19 Midnight EST
61 day(s) and 19 hour(s) remaining


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Non Refundable Jury Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary

We welcome your application to the 46th Annual Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival on the Bayou, a premier outdoor event.  This juried show attracts artists from across the U.S.  The Festival offers artists the opportunity to exhibit in a waterfront, oak-shaded Park in the center of Tarpon Springs.  The city was named Best Historic Small Town for 2018 by USA Today.  Some 18,000 loyal patrons flock to the show every year to interact with and buy from exhibitors, sample craft beer and good food, and enjoy live entertainment.  Awards total $19,000.

Spring Bayou anchors Tarpon Springs’ interlocking waterways that directly feed into the Gulf of Mexico.  These waters draw thousands of day visitors and winter residents. The event takes place on the peak weekend of March 14 and 15, 2020.  Tarpon Springs sits at the north end of Florida’s most densely populated county, accessible from the entire Tampa Bay area.  It offers an old Florida ambience with its brick streets, restored Victorian mansions and intimate bungalows surrounding the Festival venue.  Downtown boasts a variety of restaurants and shops, just two blocks away.  The historic Sponge Docks area, celebrating Greek heritage, is an easy walk or trolley ride away.  The Festival, in the midst of these attractions, provides a unique opportunity for purchasing fine art and fine craft. 



General Information

Festival Venue and Dates


46th Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival on the Bayou

an outdoor show held in

Craig Park on Spring Bayou

100 Beekman Lane (GPS)

Tarpon Springs, FL  34689


Artist Registration: Friday, March 13, 2019, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Set Up:                  Friday, March 13, 2019, after registered until dark

                              Saturday, March 14, 2019, 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Show Hours:         Saturday, March 14, 2019, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

                              Sunday, March 15, 2019, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Judging:                Saturday, March 14, 2019, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Awards:                 Sunday, March 15, 2019, announced at 9:00 a.m.; collectible at noon.



Important Dates and Deadlines


Applications Open on Zapp:                                                       July 16, 2019

4 images required:  3 of recent work and 1 outdoor booth shot with no identifying marks

Applications Close:                                                                     September 17, 2019


Applications vetted to exclude Buy/Sell and Production Work:  July 16 until Jury starts

If you are a buy/sell vendor or represent production studio work, please do not apply.


Jury Working:                                                                              October 11 - 22, 2019


Artists Notified of Jury Results:                                                   November 11, 2019


Accept Invitation and Booth Purchase Deadline:                        December 3, 2019

Booth requests will be honored in the order in which payment is received.


Waiting List Notification:                                                              December 4, 2019 - ongoing

Last Day for Refund Request:                                                     December 5, 2019

Any refund is subject to $25.00 administrative fee.



Booth Sizes and Rates


Each booth is 10’ x 10’.  There are very limited double booths, available only with prior approval.

Standard booth fee is $250.00         

Premium booth fee is $300.00, located in the "G" area.  Premium booths are allocated by category to assure the show's balance.


There is no electric service available. Exhibitors may bring generators which are quiet; do not disturb neighboring artists; and are placed well outside any pedestrian paths.


Tents must be weighted properly for the safety of all.  Lightweight pop-ups are discouraged.


About the Park


Craig Park is a popular destination, frequented by families, runners, fishermen, dog walkers, tennis players, boatmen and outriggers launching their craft.  It is populated with age-old oaks, as well as replacement plantings introduced after recent storms.  Sidewalks wander throughout the open green space. Most waters surrounding the Park are “no boating zones” from November through March to protect the manatee seeking refuge, whom exhibitors delight in watching.


During the Festival the Park is enclosed with fencing as a security measure and to capture admissions.  The waterside perimeter is patrolled by volunteers who admit those arriving by boat.


Although there are several parking and loading zones abutting the Park, there is only one road for vehicular access within it.  And this road services only a small percentage of exhibit spaces.  Exhibitors must plan to use the paved surfaces closest to their booths, and dolly in their loads.  There is professional porter service available at reasonable fees.



How We Partner with You for a Successful and Enjoyable Weekend


Artists retain all sales proceeds


Extensive traditional and social media coverage targeted to a buying audience

Tampa Bay Times'  commitment of $30,000 in print and online marketing, reaching millions; a special pull out print edition about the Festival appears week of show 


Regular Chamber of Commerce e-bulletins reaching 3,000 subscribers


Give-away map listing each artist by category with booth space designated


Booth sign with artist’s name, home city, booth number and category, keyed to free map


Festival name tags for authorized collaborators and/or helpers to enhance security


Limited free parking for artists on nearby streets


Limited free disabled parking for artists on nearby streets by prior arrangement and permit


Reasonably priced and reserved overnight parking within blocks of the Park


Hotel discounts from our Chamber of Commerce members


Professional porter service priced specifically to your load and location


Complimentary early morning beverages and snacks


Booth sitting and other support services through our volunteers


Overnight security provided by the Tarpon Springs Police Department


Awards totaling $19,000.00



The Jury Process and On-Site Judging


Three art professionals make up the core Jury.  They review all applications based on:  originality; technique/execution; and overall booth presentation.  


Judges for awards during the show will use the same criteria of originality; technique/execution; and overall booth presentation.



Awards   $19,000


Best in Show, $3,000                                                                

2-Dimensional, 4 @ $1,000                                              

3-Dimensional, 4 @ $1,000                                              

Awards of Distinction, 8 @ $500                                       

Awards of Merit, 8 @ $375                                               

Awards of Special Recognition (tbd), 4 @ $250                                    





Ceramics.  3-dimensional clay work created by artist; not machine-made or mass produced.  


Digital Art.  2-dimensional art created by the artist using computer technology that may include scanned images that have been altered significantly through computer programs.  Printed in editions of 250 or fewer, signed and numbered.


Drawings and Pastels.  2-dimensional work created by the artist using dry media such as chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax crayon; or using inks and washes applied by pen or brush.  


Fiber.  3-dimensional work, wearable and non-wearable, created by the artist from fibrous materials; may include basketry, books, embroidery, paper, quilts, weaving, felting.  No commercial or mass-produced works permitted, regardless of enhancement by the artist; wearables must be designed and constructed by the artist.


Furniture.  3-dimensional work created by the artist whose primary function is to serve as furniture, including lamps and clocks.  All media are included.


Glass.  3-dimensional work created by the artist in glass without using molds or other mass-production techniques.


Jewelry.  Jewelry created by the artist without the use of commercial casts, molds, kits or the work of a production studio.  Artists exhibiting under other categories may not show jewelry. 


Leather.  3-dimensional work created by the artist in leather.


Metal.  3-dimensional work, functional or sculptural, created by the artist by forging, twisting, fabricating various metals.


Mixed Media 2-D.  2-dimensional, one of a kind work created by the artist in which 2 or more physical materials are united.


Mixed Media 3-D.  3-dimensional, one of a kind work created by the artist in which 2 or more physical materials are united.


Painting.  2-dimensional work created by the artist with pigment, including oils, acrylics, egg tempera, casein, alkyd, encaustic.  Watercolor is a separate category. 


Photography.  2-dimensional work created by the artist using digital and film photography that has not been manipulated to achieve results beyond that which can be produced in a dark room, and which is derived solely from the artist’s own source material.  Hand coloring and emulsion transfers allowed.  Work must be printed by the artist or under his/her strict supervision in editions of 250 or fewer, signed and numbered. 


Printmaking.  2-dimensional work created by the artist via a transfer process, resulting in multiples.  Printed original works are produced  by the artist by etching, engraving, silk-screening, stone and plate lithography, linoleum block or woodcut.  Signed and numbered in editions of 250 or fewer.


Watercolor.  2-dimensional work created by the artist using watercolors.


Wood.  3-dimensional work, functional or sculptural, created by the artist in wood that has been hand-tooled, machine worked, built up, turned or carved.



Contact Information


Fine Arts Festival on the Bayou

Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce

1 North Pinellas Avenue

Tarpon Springs, FL  34689


artists@tarponspringschamber.org *


*preferred method of communication








Eligible Work to be Exhibited


All work must be original and hand produced by the exhibiting artist, who must be present during the entire Festival run.  Each piece must be signed and available for sale, with its price clearly marked.


Eligible work is that by artists who are age 18 or older.


The work of collaborating artists is eligible under these conditions:  each artist must be materially involved in designing and producing the full body of work; works must be jointly signed; all collaborators must be present during the entire Festival; each must sign in with photo i.d.  The work of collaborating artists is considered one application.  Works produced in a shared studio and signed by an individual artist are not collaborations.  In this case, a separate application should be made for each artist, and if accepted, will be shown in separate booths.


Work exhibited must adhere to one of the category descriptions in General Information.  


Work that belongs to a different category than that accepted may not be shown in the same booth.  An artist may apply in 3 categories with 3 separate applications.  (S)he may be accepted in up to 2.  Each category will require a separate booth; show management will assign these next to each other.


The work of someone other than the accepted artist may not be shown.


Work exhibited must be consistent with the images submitted in the application.


Reproductions must be placed in browsing bins, and may not be displayed with original works.  They must be clearly marked “Reproductions” and limited to editions of 250, no matter what their size.  Their placement in the booth must be secondary to the original works, and occupy less than 30% of the space.


Artists should arrive with enough original work to maintain a display throughout the Festival.



Prohibited Items.  Removal expected immediately upon request.


Unsigned art work

Jewelry in any booth other than those entered in the Jewelry category, e.g. a Ceramic artist may not show jewelry


Copies of original artwork; works reproduced or copied from the works of masters, advertisements, commercial or widely circulated photos or offset prints


Items purchased for resale, whether imported or domestic, i.e. Buy/Sell


Production studio work in any category, i.e. items produced in quantity by many workers


Work that does not resemble what was submitted in application images


Items created from kits, velvet paintings, manufactured jewelry, art supplies, commercial signage/displays, decoupage, ceramics or other materials cast from commercial molds


Crafts such as soaps, candles, scented oils, homemade food; horticultural items


Music tapes, tee-shirts, commercial books, mass-produced note cards and the like


Promotional items such as (but not limited to) postcards, note cards, posters, calendars


Signs that advertise work available in different sizes, frame styles and other commercially driven choices


Any item deemed inappropriate to an exhibition of fine art and fine craft by Festival organizers



Application Requirements


4 images of recent work:  1 outdoor booth shot that clearly shows work consistent with the 3 images of individual works of art.  The 3 images of individual pieces should show the range of artist’s work and should have been produced within the last 3 years. Please do not use any images that identify the artist.

Works of art should be labeled for medium, dimensions and title if available.  Prices are helpful, even if they are given in ranges.

Booths will be monitored to assure that work exhibited is consistent with the application.


The artist’s description of material and technique, as it relates to concept/inspiration; this should be a summary of the Artist’s Statement required in each booth.


For collaborations, select one collaborator to be the contact in your ZAPP profile.  Other collaborator(s) are to be listed at the bottom of the profile page.  Collaborators must be named at the time of application.  If added after Jurying, the applicant will be disqualified.


Applications may be made in up to 3 categories, showing substantially different bodies of work.  An artist may be accepted and agree to exhibit in up to 2 categories, which must be shown in separate booths.  Festival organizers will then provide 2 adjacent spaces.


Do not apply more than once in the same category.


As detailed below in the "Booth Information" section, a new site plan has been developed based on artists' feedback.  Three areas may be designated as preferred general locations.  The show layout crew will assign specific spaces in a manner that mixes categories, and meets special needs.  Requested areas should accompany payment, if not already included in the application, and will be assigned in the order in which payment is received.




Booth Information

Sales Tax must be charged, collected and remitted to the State of Floridia.  The local rate is 7%.


New requirement:  Artist’s Statement must be posted prominently in each booth and shall explain materials, techniques and processes used in creating the work, and how these are used to fulfill artist's inspiration and concepts.  For collaborations, each collaborator’s part in creating the work must be detailed.


The Park is described in General Information.  There are designated paved areas for unloading.  Each of these unloading zones is connected to the exhibit spaces by sidewalks.  There is no driving on grass surfaces or the sidewalks.  Be prepared to dolly your equipment and works of art into the Park, primarily on sidewalks, and for short distances across grass.


Professional porters are available, working in each zone.  They price, after your arrival, according to load and location.  They have received rave reviews during their service for the last two years.


The site plan introduced last year has been revamped according to artists' feedback. Some areas remain oriented inward to green space; some have changed back to face sidewalks.  The attached site plan shows which way a booth faces: the lighter side represents the "open" side.  Each area will have color-coded signage to assist patrons in navigating the Park.  Spaces are assigned in the order that payment is received.  Artists may request three general areas, not specific spaces, in the Park on the application, or along with booth payment.  The layout crew reserves the right to assign specific spaces to balance categories in each area, and meet special needs.


Each space is 10’ x 10’, previously marked out and identified by the layout team. 


Standard booths are $250.  Premium booths appear on the plan as area "G" and are $300.  Premiums are allotted by category; see the Product List for available spaces.


Each booth receives 2 name tags/passes. For more than 2, see the Product List to order more at $5.00 each. Names must be provided before the Festival so name tags can be prepared.


A limited number of double spaces can be available subject to prior approval.


There is no electric service.  Quiet generators are allowed if they do not disturb neighboring artists and are placed out of any traffic paths.  Festival organizers may restrict, prohibit or relocate any generator that becomes a nuisance.


Exhibitors provide all physical booths, tents, racks, tables, chairs and other display furniture.


Lightweight accordion pop-up tents are discouraged.  Come prepared to weight your tent for your safety and that of others; and to secure your work from possible wind and rain.


Booth flags are not allowed.


Front cantilevered extensions or canopies are permitted behind the setback area.


Nails, tape, rope, artworks, etc. are not allowed on trees or other Park foliage.


Event Site Map

(click to enlarge)