Event Information

[Smash] Summer Fine-Arts Festival 2019 - 2nd Annual

215 North St. Paul Street [Cherry Creek]
Denver, Colorado (West)

Event Dates: 8/3/19 - 8/4/19
Application Deadline: 7/26/19 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $15.00


Event Summary
[Smash] Summer Fine-Arts Festival - 2nd Annual​
Cherry Creek | 215 North St. Paul Street, Denver CO 80206
August 3rd & 4th + Live Violin Music + Fine-Catering

In the absolute heart of Cherry Creek [world class, nationally recognized hot spot for high-end art & culture] - on the door steps of the most wealthy and affluent luxury apartments in Colorado.  A highly selective, upper-echelon, pristine outdoor fine-art exhibit - showcasing top-tier in/out-of state artists.  Live Violin/Jazz Music both days of the weekend + Fine-catering.  Direct-mailing to Castle Pines & Cherry Hills Village (two of the richest neighborhoods in the state) - targeting art collectors; outdoor signage, flyers, social-media, magazine publications, email-blasts/newsletters

General Information
Saturday August 3rd (10am - 7:30pm)
Sunday August 4th (10am - 5pm)
- tear-down Sun. August 4th @ 5pm
- set-up Friday August 2nd @ 5pm

* White canopy tents only. 
* Tents must have weights on each corner of upright tent - to protect against any unfavorable wind conditions. 
* Booth set-ups must be tidy, professional, and kept visually appealing - with minimal (if any) extraneous items on sides, back, and front of tents. 
* 2d artists are recommended to showcase with pro-panels, in some instances mesh panel walls (no grids) may be considered
* Jewelers are required to showcase with, at a minimum, a type of black sheers, curtains, and/or high-quality fabric to cover white tent side-walls (they cannot be visible)
* All work exhibited must be original art produced by the artists (includes limited editions of artist's original artwork); vendor must be the one who creates the work and not an artist representative or wholesaler.
* Tents must be set up 2 ft. away from the butting curb (aligned with the front of neighboring tent) - to leave 2 ft. of extra room behind tent -- please keep items (if any) in this space minimal and tightly/neatly kept. 
* Tents must be spaced 2 ft. away from each other on the sides. 
* If weather permits, during open show hours white tent front/side walls must be unzipped & stored inside tent - not rolled up.
* Smash in the Square LLC reserves the right to alter exterior tent/booth appearances (in collaboration/communication with the artist) if set up is not up to par. 
* Any tables utilized in booths must be covered in clean, untarnished, quality-looking cloths (preferably black) or made up of professional panels. 
* Electricity is available (accessible) to a limited number of vendors.  Artists needing/having electricity must supply 1-2 of their own extension chords + any/all necessary items to properly manage/operate their lights/electricity.  Booths that are not able to have/access electricity may be electrified with exhibitor-supplied batteries.
* All artists are required to have Liability Insurance.  If you don't already have an annual policy you can purchase a show-policy from ACT Insurance: [https://www.actinsurance.com/coverage-details-show-event] 
* All artists must be ready/on-site to showcase their booths/tents no later than 10:00am on Saturday (August 3rd) and host/manage tent to at least 7:30pm & arrive no later than 10:00am on Sunday (August 4th).  Tear-down begins at 5pm on Sunday August 4th. 
* Set-up will begin on Friday (August 2nd) at 5pm.  The festival will communicate with each individual artist about specific allocated times for unloading & booth set-ups.  Each artist will be provided with a detailed site-map of property and their confirmed/booth tent space/location. 
* Vendors are responsible for cleaning up in and around their space during and after the festival.
* A Denver Special Event Sales Tax License is required.  If you are already a regularly licensed Denver vendor with a current Denver sales tax license, no additional license is needed [https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/treasury-division/business-taxes.html]
* Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting all taxes 

Booth Information
10' x 10' Booth-fee - $475
10' x 20' Booth-fee - $875
Electricity add-on - $15
Corner add-on - $75