Event Information

The Great Oxonian Exposition of 2019

The Jefferson (Indoor Event Venue)
Oxford, Mississippi (South)

Phone: 901-327-4019
Event Dates: 9/19/19 - 9/20/19
Application Deadline: 8/1/19 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $25.00


Event Summary
NOTICE: we have re-opened applications through June 17, in order to recruit a more varied selection of artists (particularly in fiber, glass, and wood, but all disciplines are welcome to apply); our goal is to present the highest calibre work.   
We will employ a rolling jury, and all applicants will receive notifications asap.  

ArtWorks Foundation will debut The Great Oxonian Exposition of 2019, Thursday and Friday, September 19th and 20th, at The Power House. 

This two day, indoor show will take place just outside Mississippi’s abundantly cultured college town, in advance of the Ole Miss / Southern California football faceoff (Saturday, September 21st).  

The affluent and urbane population of Oxford MS is supplemented on football weekends by thousands of fans seeking diversions to occupy themselves in advance of Saturday's pre-game party in The Grove.     

The Great Oxonian Exposition will feature – and focus on the sale of – stellar works of art in metal, glass, clay, wood, and fiber, as well as jewelry, sculpture, paintings, print making, photography & more.  We will limit the number of artists by category, and a maximum of 24 spaces will be available this first year: presenting the highest caliber work possible is our foremost goal.
  • Admission is Free

For more about Oxford, see - https://visitoxfordms.com
For more about The Power House  see - https://www.oxfordarts.com/eventspaces/powerhouse(do not contact venue: all questions should be directed to...

General Information
The Great Oxonian Exposition is a brand new show: this comes with all the gambles attached thereto, but Oxford is not a large place, and we are confident that our promotional plans will tempt both Oxonians, and the many visitors flocking into town, to explore this first-time event. 

Our event will be sited in The Power House, the Yonknapatawpha Arts Council's event center, just steps from Oxford's fabled Square.  The Great Oxonian Exposition will offer visitors FREE Admission and amenities including cash bars and food trucks.   

Up to 24 positions will be available for artists to participate in our inaugural edition of The Great Oxonian Exposition. The show will be heavily advertised; public attendance will be encouraged via: direct mail; outdoor advertising; print and broadcast media; as well as through social media outlets. There will be also vigorous Public Relations support for the show.

Fine Craft and Fine Art are the focus of this event. Categories include the various disciplines for working in glass, metal, wood, clay & fiber, as well as Jewelry (NO stringers!!). The Great Oxonian Exposition also invites artists working 2-D media including print-making, painting & photography to apply.  

The show will be a juried selection with four judges. Standards of high quality and skill will be strictly maintained. Applications will be accepted through June 11th, 2019. Artists who wish to be considered should submit five (5) photos of representative work (including one booth shot), and complete the Zapplication entry module, according to the instructions therein.

The jury process will take place between June 12th and 15th. Final Notification of application status will be sent out via email by June 16th, 2019.

The Wait-List will not be used to fill space randomly; rather, those on the wait list will be called upon to fill spaces by category (i.e., if cancellations leave 5 spaces open, and everyone on the waitlist is a photographer, no one on the list will be added, unless we have openings in that category: we will not sell space for the sake of selling space).

Artists will staff their own display throughout the show, handling all sales of their work. ArtWorks Foundation will collect all Mississippi state sales taxes due from each artist at the conclusion of the show. (Credentials for up to two assistants will provided: but the artist must also be present.) Booth Sitters will be available as demand permits.

NO price reductions will be permitted during the run of the show; no show “specials;” no “sales.” The show is intended to be perceived as an exhibition of fine craft, NOT as a bargain-basement!

Artists are required to make sure a full supply of merchandise is always on hand through the last minutes of the show, and are responsible for restocking their own displays.

Any packaging is the responsibility of the artist.

Prizes are planned: ribbons will be presented, as well as future booth fees.

Hotels, which rent for premium rates on a Football Friday and Saturday, are available for reasonable fees on the preceding Wednesday and Thursday (currently rates run from $69 and up {median $145} in Oxford and nearby towns such as, Batesville or Holly Springs, Mississippi): make reservations early.   

RV parking for artists is permitted, but there are, no hook-up facilities for water OR electricity. Rebel RV Park, a full service camp nearby, is located 18 minutes away at  28054 MS-Hwy 6, Sardis, MS 38666: 662.380.0997 

The Great Oxonian Exposition, is staged by ArtWorks Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to “helping artists grow in their business and their work,” as well as to encouraging public interest in collecting the work of fine-craft artists. We are obsessed with the quality of what we present and how we present it.

If you have any questions, please contact, Greg Belz: phone (901.327.4019), or email gregbelz@hotmail.com
Thanks for your interest in The Great Oxonian Exposition of 2019.
ArtWorks Foundation is a non-profit {501(c)3} dedicated to help artists grow in their business and their work.
For more see www.artworks.foundation


General Information:

Exhibiting artists must be 18 years or older and must be present during show hours. Assistants are welcome, but agents or representatives of the artist do not replace the requirement of the artist to be present during show hours. Any artist leaving prior to the end of the show, without the authorization of the show’s director, will be unable to exhibit in any ArtWorks Foundation show for at least two (2) years. Booth sitters will be provided as demand permits.

All items offered for sale must be created by the hand of the artist to whom the display space is registered: NO work created by parties other than the artist whose work has been accepted for the show may be displayed.
All designs offered must be original.  Work made from commercial molds, kits, patterns or copyrighted designs not owned by the Artist are not permitted. Any commercially made embellishments must be subordinate to the handcrafted work. All work must be for sale. No reproductions may be displayed, except as follows: 2-D artists may offer reproductions of their work {if no more than 20% of their inventory!}; also 3-D artists may offer T-Shirts, or note cards/calendars, etc., embellished with reproductions of their work {if no more than 10% of inventory!}.  No (other) embellished manufactured articles are acceptable; nor may items such as antiques and collectibles be offered for sale. Jurors will circulate during the show to ensure that all work is in compliance.  We reserve the right to remove any items which were not submitted in the jury process, or are found otherwise objectionable.  

Violation of any of these directives may result in immediate expulsion from the show. No fees will be refunded.


The exhibitor will remit Mississippi state sales taxes to ArtWorks Foundation at the conclusion of the show. Artists are required by law to pay taxes. The Lafayette County Mississippi sales tax is 7%.


Artists accepted for The Great Oxonian Exposition may not participate in any other show or sale in Lafayette County Mississippi, or any adjacent Mississippi county (Panola, Tate, Pontotoc, Marshall, Union ), or DeSoto County Mississippi, during the run of the show, or during the week preceding the event (this includes, but is not limited to, private house shows).


Armed security will be provided during the open hours, as well as during set up and load out. Overnight, the venue is protected both by alarm and monitored video surveillance.  However, all exhibitors will display their work at their own risk. It is understood that neither The Great Oxonian Exposition, nor ArtWorks Foundation, nor the venue, nor our sponsors, shall carry insurance to cover personal property of any exhibitor. Exhibitors are considered to be independent contractors, and it is suggested that exhibitors obtain their own insurance.


Please note that in addition to providing a means to assess your work, any photographs submitted may (upon our acceptance of the artist) be used to promote the show (posters, postcards, etc.).

Booth Information
I. Overview:

This two-day show sets up starting at 9:00am, on Thursday, September 19th; it will open to the public that day at 1:00pm, and run until 6:00pm that evening. Friday’s hours will run 10:00am to 6:00pm; followed by move-out until 9:00pm.  (Displays may not be removed before 6:05pm on Friday, September 20th).The cost of Exhibit

II. Fees & Space Information:

The cost of Exhibition Space is $250 (10’x10’). Guaranteed Corners are $50 extra; double booths (if available) 2x the stated space fee (must call producer for approval/payment access); electricity will be available free of charge.

No extensions may exceed the parameters of the allocated space, and must be removed if found objectionable by the show director.

All Fees must be paid by August 10th, 2019. (Failure to pay fees by that date may result in forfeiture of acceptance).

III. Set up & Standards:

Load in will be conducted in two sessions; with a 45 minute access window assigned to drive up and unload.

This process will begin Thursday (9/19) at 8:00am; exhibitors will receive a time assignment selected by random drawing.

Artists selected for the show will be assigned vehicle access times for load-in (before beginning set up , you will be required to transfer all of your display material and work to your assigned space and then immediately remove your car from the loading area); the same procedures will be followed in reverse during load-out.

Electricity is included for no added fee.   

No sound-amplification of any type will be permitted.

All display fixtures are the responsibility of the artist. Display fixtures should be commensurate to the overall standards of the show. This is not a flea market; it is an exhibition of fine-craft and paintings, and should be treated with elegance and style: make your display as attractive as possible (ArtWorks Foundation reserves the right to demand the removal of any substandard display materials).

Each artist should display a sign identifying themselves, as well as any business name, & their medium; you will also receive a sign from the show identifying your name and city of residence.
IV. Access & Hours

There is free parking fr artists nearby; a shuttle will be provided.   

Signs and guards will direct your access to the building during load in and load out.

The show opens to the public at 1:00pm, Thursday (Open Hours: TR 1p to 6p; FR 10a-6p).

Move-out will not begin until 6:05pm, Friday, September 20th.  NO exhibitors may begin packing before that time.
If you are accepted for inclusion in the show, and prefer to pay by check, checks may be mailed and made payable to:

ArtWorks Foundation / 60North Century / Memphis, TN 38111
ArtWorks Foundation is a non-profit {501(c)3} dedicated to help artists grow in their business and their work.
For more see www.artworks.foundation