Event Information


Chain of Parks Art Festival 2020

Park Avenue 'Chain of Parks'
Tallahassee, Florida (South)

Phone: 850.222.8800
Event Dates: 4/18/20 - 4/19/20
Application Deadline: 11/1/19 Midnight EST
75 day(s) and 22 hour(s) remaining


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $30.00


Event Summary
The 20th annual Chain of Parks Art Festival is a two-day juried Fine Art Festival held in a group of city parks known as the ‘Chain of Parks’ in downtown Tallahassee, Florida’s Capital City. Consistently ranked in the Top 100 Fine Art Festivals by Sunshine Artist Magazine reaching #1 in 2017, with approximately 170 artists competing for over $10,000 in cash prizes, it is recognized as a Legacy Event by the City for the 40,000+ visitors and patrons it attracts to come out and enjoy this springtime weekend event in the stately live oak-shaded parks. The Festival kick-offs Thursday evening by inviting the public, in partnership with Florida State University's Opening Nights program, to attend a presentation by an accomplished artist about their career and adventures in making a living creating art. Proceeds from this marquee juried Fine Art festival benefit LeMoyne Arts, a non-profit community-based art center.

General Information

Saturday, April 18, 2020, 10 am – 5 pm, with a free concert in the parks Center Court from 5:30 pm – 7 pm.
Sunday, April 19, 2020, 10 am – 5 pm

1. Best of Show - $2,000.00
2. Award of Excellence - $1,000.00
3. Additional Awards - The Festival uses a weighted award system for the balance of award prize monies to be divided among mediums based on the number of artists in each, up to the total prize money amount.
4. Recycle Art Award - $300


Application Deadline: November 1, 2019
Jury Notification:        November 15, 2019
Booth Fee Due:         December 15, 2019
Event Setup:              April 17, 2020 (generally after 12 noon)
Show Date/Times:     April 18 & 19, 2020; both days from 10 am – 5 pm
Event Breakdown:     April 19, 2020 (after show closing at 5 pm)


  • Artist Awards of over $10,000
  • Artist hospitality area with all-day complimentary refreshments and reserved portable toilets
  • Casual welcome reception sponsor hosted onsite Friday evening
  • Quality style event T-shirt
  • Volunteer booth sitters
  • Limited to 170 artists
  • Combined artist sales of over ½ Million for 2019 festival
  • 24-hour on-site security provided by uniformed Police Officers (Tallahassee Police Dept.)
  • Festival website includes artist image and hot link to artist website
  • High quality printed program with a sample image and website information for each artist 
  • Digital marketing tool opportunities provided
  • Complimentary reserved parking
  • Limited, first-come-first-served basis, complimentary RV parking
  • Friday afternoon/evening set-up 
  • Top award winners automatically juried into next year’s Festival
  • The cover artist selected from participating festival artists
  • Sunshine Artist Magazine, Fine Art & Design Show Artist Survey – Ranked Festival #1 and #5 in 2017 and 2018 respectively
  • Attendance of 40,000 visitors and patrons
  • Over $75K in Marketing & PR throughout North Florida & South Georgia
  • The Festival kicks off on Thursday evening with a presentation by an accomplished artist through a partnership with the art festival and Florida State University’s Opening Nights program. The public is invited to come and hear about the careers and adventures of visual artists who have spent time making a living creating art.
  • Free evening concert after show closing on Saturday from 5:30-7:00 pm. Award announcements made before concert
  • Festival Village with children’s art workshops and community partners to promote art education
  • Festival hosted by the non-profit art center
  • On-site festival staff
  • Volunteer committee with 35 members who work year-round to produce festival experience for artists, patrons, sponsors and attendees
Participation is determined by a 5-person blind jury in that jurors will not see the artist name. The jurors will only see the artist ID, price, four required images, and artist statement. Your name or business should not appear in your application images. Jurors will be keenly interested in the processes and techniques you used to make your work so please describe in detail. This statement is often critical in determining originality and handcrafted nature of presented work. We have allowed 400 characters in the application Artist Process Statement for this purpose. Jurors evaluate work based on originality, concepts, execution, and consistency of style & presentation. Jurors will also be considering the artist's pricing for suitability to achieve success at this event and have a positive selling experience, generally artists whose works fall between the range of $250-$1,500.
Note: If selected to participate in the Festival, Image #1 will be used to represent your art in the printed program. 

These categories are developed simply as a tool to organize artists’ works into logical, related groups for judging competitions and awards. This show is designed for exhibiting artists who create and execute original, professional-quality art. All work displayed MUST be produced by the exhibiting artist or two-person team collaboration and MUST be consistent with the images submitted. Artists may only exhibit art in the category in which they were accepted. The Festival jury reserves the right to move an artist to a medium determined to be more comparable to the work presented to other artists within the mediums.
Jewelry: Work must be designed, created and executed by the artist. All work displayed must be similar in style, quality and method to work presented in the artist's images. No commercial casts, molds or production studio work is allowed. If using a commercially purchased component (bead, glass, gemstone, pearl, metal, or other material not made by the artist) and then strung, assembled and/or twisted on wire, the work must be unique and of an original design that makes it artistically distinguishable and attributable in design to the exhibiting artist. An embellishment to existing pre-assembled components is not considered acceptable as fine artworks. This medium typically receives a large number of applications; therefore to ensure a variety of mediums exhibiting at the event will accept and be limited to no more than 35 jewelers.
Painting: Creation of still life, portrait, landscape, abstract, or other images on a flat surface such as canvas, paper, wood, etc., using paints.
Drawing, Graphics, and Printmaking: Compositions that are created by the artists’ hand using chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, crayon, or ink. Printmaking is defined as multiple originals where the artists’ hand has manipulated the plates, stones, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens. All prints must be properly signed and numbered in limited editions not to exceed 500.
Photography or Computer Generated Work: Photographic Works: two-dimensional work created by the artists that include digital and film photography that has not been manipulated to achieve results beyond what could be produced in a traditional darkroom.  Only the artists’ source material is acceptable. Works displayed in the booth must be printed by the artist or under the artist’s supervision in limited editions properly signed and numbered.  Computer Generated Work: includes any original work created solely by the artist utilizing computer technology to craft visual images. Combinations of these media are also accepted in this category. All works must be properly signed and numbered editions. Both require disclosure of creative and printing processes.
Two-Dimensional Mixed MediaThis medium is for works that incorporate more than one type of media in its production. Two-Dimensional Mixed Media will include but is not limited to, more than one of the following: oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolors, pencil, photography or printmaking. Two of the same media style, i.e. oil & acrylic, pencils & pastels, etc. should not be submitted here. This category is not to be used if artwork consists of one medium and then uniquely framed.
Studio Pottery: all original clay and porcelain work is accepted in this category. If multiple pieces similar in design are displayed, each piece must be signed. RAM pressed work or work produced from commercial molds is not acceptable.
Glass: work that has been hand-crafted by the artist by blowing, fusing, casting or kiln forming. This medium may exhibit jewelry that incorporates the artists’ body of glasswork. No forms of mass production are permitted. Pre-manufactured items are prohibited, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist.
Fiber & Textiles: all work crafted from fibers including basketry, embroidery, weaving, tapestry, leatherwork, and papermaking. No machine tooling, machine-screened patterns or other forms of mass production are permitted. All pre-manufactured wearable items are prohibited, including studio production, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist.
Three-Dimensional Mixed Media or Sculpture: art visible from 360 degrees. Three-Dimensional Mixed Media Works incorporate more than one type of physical material in their production and include the following: clay work, fiber, found objects, glass, metal, paint, wood, or any other 3-D objects. Sculpture is original three-dimensional work incorporating any materials that are designed and executed by the artist. No production studio work is allowed.

  • Open to all artists 18 years or older and are accepted for participation by a blind-jury.
  • Artists are REQUIRED to present and sell their own work. Absolutely NO agents, dealers, or sales representatives may work the booth in place of the artist.
  • Images submitted must be of artwork created within the last 2 years and must be consistent with the work displayed in your booth.
  • Booth to exhibit at least 50% artist created original art. Signed and limited edition/numbered reproductions of original artwork are eligible for presentation in conjunction with original works.
  • The Chain of Parks Art Festival is a family-oriented event, and exhibits must be in keeping with this atmosphere.
  • THE FESTIVAL COMMITTEE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH ITS COMMITMENT TO MAINTAINING A HIGH-QUALITY FINE ART EVENT. Dealers, buy-sell products, and other infringements on this core mission will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • SALES & TAXES: Each artist is responsible for collecting and reporting 6% Florida sales tax + 1.5% local sales tax and remitting it to the Florida Department of Revenue (FDoR). We are required to provide the FDoR your name and contact information as a record that you participated in the event.
  • Artists retain 100% of the sales commission of artworks sold at the Festival.
  • Unsigned reproductions of original artwork
  • Copies of original artwork and works reproduced or copied from works of masters, advertisements, commercial or widely circulated photographs or offset prints
  • Work purchased from an outside source for resale
  • Any artwork produced using production or cottage labor in any category
  • Work created by kits, manufactured or kit jewelry, pre-assemble supplies, commercial signage or displays, decoupage and ceramics cast from commercial molds
  • The Festival does not allow exhibits with crafts such as soaps, candles, scented oils, and homemade food items
  • Mass-produced note cards, commercial books, etc.
  • Framing in the Park
  • Artwork not in the category in which the artist applied and was accepted
  • Unsigned artwork or work not using archival materials
  • Generators must be approved by festival staff prior to use
During the Festival all displays will be visited by the Viewing Committee to ensure that the displays and artwork are in compliance with Festival rules. It is our exclusive right and responsibility to remove work that is not in compliance. An Officer of the Festival will make the final decision. Non-compliance can result in expulsion and ineligibility for judging, awards, and future Festival participation.
Artists are to provide their own white tents which must meet all fire codes. All tents must be weighted, not staked – even those exhibiting on grassy areas due to City park restrictions. The area provided to exhibit is 10x11, most with storage behind them; however, some booth spaces in our highest traffic areas do not have backspace. Please note your storage and any other special requests in the comments section of your ZAPPlication. Artists are requested to exhibit within their designated space. As an outdoor event, exhibit spaces are not perfectly level but street booths do offer a more stable flat surface for those that require it. Electricity is not available. Artists are provided a standard basic tent ID card at check-in for the judging process. Artists are required to affix these to the front of the tent so they are easily visible.
Artists will receive check-in times, locator maps, temporary exhibitor parking permits, and State of Florida sales tax information on a date close to the event.

Booth Information
  • Application Fee: $30.00 (non-refundable)
  • Booth Fee: $295.00 (10x10 booth size)
  • A limited number of Double and Corner Booths available for an additional charge
All artists are required to check-in Friday, April 17, at LeMoyne Arts, 125 N. Gadsden Street and show proof of identity. Specific setup times will be provided to artists after acceptance based on booth location. LeMoyne is open from 10am-7pm for the check-in process. No-show artists are subject to non-acceptance for future shows.
NOTE: Booths located on the streets can setup only after street closures, generally at noon. All setup must be completed and all vehicles removed to designated parking areas immediately after unloading to allow others access. Set up must be completed no later than 9:00 am on Saturday. Vehicles parked on Festival streets without a Festival provided permit will be subject to towing.

Overnight security is provided by the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) on Friday and Saturday nights, allowing artists to leave exhibit displays. We strongly recommend that you pack up all valuable merchandise and equipment. LeMoyne and TPD are not responsible for any loss.

Booth fees are due December 15, 2019. Extenuating circumstances can be reviewed by the committee for a partial refund prior to the Festival program production date of January 31, 2020. After that date, NO refunds will be considered. The Festival has a Rain-or-Shine policy and will remain open in inclement weather unless advised by City Officials of mandatory closing.