Event Information


St. Stephen's Art Show & MakersFest 2020

Campus of St. Stephens Episcopal Church
Coconut Grove, Florida (South)

Phone: 305-648-0056
Event Dates: 2/15/20 - 2/17/20
Application Deadline: 10/31/19 Midnight EST
105 day(s) and 18 hour(s) remaining


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 4 applications for this show.


Event Summary
30+ years of Fine Art year across the beatiful tree shaded campus of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, located in Coconut Grove, Florida and within steps of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Apply to be a featured Fine Artist or a Indie MAKER.  Artists consistently rate us A+ for artist treatment, artist amenities, facilities and volunteer support.  This long standing, nationally significant show focuses on maintaining, “Art is in the Heart” as not just a theme but a code of conduct for our staff and volunteers.   Come experience the taste, sound and flavor our 31 year traditional art & music festival.

Artists, musicians and crafters are producing original works of art combining traditional techniques with modern, unconventional styles, contexts and subject matters MakersFest @ St. Stephen's Art Show. Join us at the Center Stage of the show for our Live, Local, Music from 12pm to 6pm Saturday and Sunday, and all weekend long at the Main Highway entrance for our inaugural MakersFest @ St. Stephen's.

The show has two points of entry. For the fine arts area of St. Stephens Art Show enter from McFarlane Road. For the MakersFest enter from Main Highway. 


General Information
Presented by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, a 100+ year resident of Coconut Grove, the St. Stephen’s Art Show is a not for profit event that helps to fund outreach programs in the Coconut Grove and Miami area. To increase the charitable giving and as “The Heart of the Grove, and Reaching Beyond”, the St. Stephen’s Art Show will be FREE for the thirty year anniversary event!

Each individual exhibiting artist must have completed an online application and have paid their application fee by the deadline. If an artist would like to be considered in more than one medium, a separate application must be completed for each medium. A collaborating team of artists may complete a single application, however, they must submit and exhibit, if accepted, only work that is the result of their collaboration.
Each application must include an application fee and its own set of four (4) images to include one (1) booth photo without any names visible.

Please submit four images, three of individual artwork and the fourth of a REQUIRED outdoor booth display.
The images must be an accurate representation of the work to be exhibited and reflect current work by the Artist. None of the images should include the Artists’ name or company name. The quality of the images is vital for the jury process. St. Stephen’s reserves the right to use submitted images for publicity purposes before, during and after the event.
Award Winners & Veteran Artists
St. Stephen’s Art Show Award 2018 AWARD Winners are automatically juried into the 2019 show if applying in the same category in which they received their award. Artists skip the Jury process and only must complete an online application and pay the application fee and booth fee to automatically be in show. Applications still MUST be received by award winners and fees paid. Booth location will be honored to the best of our ability.
Additional jury specifics relevant to the artist and a frequently asked question is how we jury and who gets accepted ?
We implement a blind jury process, online and juried internationally. 2018 Award Winners are guaranteed booth of choice after they have paid both the application fee and booth fee. When a veteran scores into the accepted range, we prioritize their requests and booth needs as follows: Third year+ juried veterans are given first priority on their booth choice after award winners. Second year returning juried artists have preference of booth spaces and new artists requests and needs will be honored next and whenever possible. 
We appreciate our artists, new and returning and pride ourselves on the A+ rating of our people and services. We strive to keep artists coming back along with our patrons and guests.

Poster Consideration
The St. Stephen’s Art Show Poster forms an integral part of the Show’s image for that year. As such is utilized in almost all marketing pieces, including but not limited to posters, t-shirts, brochures, and a promotional television advertisement. During the application process an artist is asked if they have a submission desire and the blind jury notes all candidates. The top three candidates are asked to submit further images then what is in their online application to a small group of locals, artists, parishioners and students for final winner.
The poster is unveiled before the event in a heavily publicized reception in a prominent local venue. The Poster Artist is invited to attend and to respond to media inquiries. The original piece duplicated on the poster must be available for display purposes at both the unveiling and the show.
In compensation for the limited rights to the image, the selected Poster Artist receives one of the most visible booths on the property and is invited on-air to CBS4 Morning Show.
To be considered for the Show Poster, simply check “Yes” in the appropriate box on the application. The Show Office will contact the Artist if the Jury would like to see originals of an Artists’ work or other examples of the Artists’ work.

The St. Stephen’s Art Show jury panel consists of a panel of a minimum of four experienced art professionals, including gallery curators, art educators, and working artists. The composition of the jury changes yearly to ensure a fresh perspective among jurors. Decisions by the jurors are based on the quality of the work and professional booth display as presented in the images submitted, which must be representative of the work to be exhibited at the Show. As it is a blind jury process, no artists’ names are given. All jury decisions are final.
Each category is reviewed separately, beginning with a quick preview of all the category submissions then viewing each artist’s submissions individually. The jurors will view the images on new, recently calibrated computer monitors. The four images will first be seen together horizontally on the screen and then reviewed individually in the order selected by the Artist applicant. The artists’ statement will be available for viewing to answer questions as to technique or materials.
The jurors will score the artists on a point system of 1- 10, with no score of 5 allowed. These scores will be tabulated and used to determine the accepted and waitlisted artists.
All applicants – except previous year award winners – must be juried into the show. In the past, approximately ½ of all accepted artists were new applicants.
A wait list will be developed based upon jury scores. A limited number of artists will be accepted in each of the categories. The Show Director will call Artists off the wait list as spaces become available and by medium appropriate to the space.
A selected panel of judges will choose one Best of Show winner and a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner in the different mediums. In addition, 10 artists will receive awards of merit. A total of $10,000 in monetary awards and ribbons will be given to the winners procured by corporate sponsorships.
Award winners are exempt from the jury process for the following year.

MAKER - Makers combine traditional craft techniques with modern off beat and unconventional syles, context and subject matter. MUST use the additional 4' space to interact & demonstrate during festival. Featured in distinct area of show called "MakersFest". 

MUSIC MAKER -Original songwriter or unconventional take on cover songs. Featured on stage in 40-minute slot, within distinct area called "Main Makers Stage". NO guaranteed day of the three days for approved MusicMakers.

Ceramics - Original ceramic clay and porcelain work. May not be machine-made or mass produced.
Drawing and Printmaking - Original two-dimensional work including pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, wax crayon, inks and washes. Prints manually created by the artist using plates, stones or screens, which have been signed and numbered.
Fiber - Original Work created by the artist from fibers, including baskets, books, paper, quilts, weaving.

Functional Arts - Original work that has a utilitarian or useful nature. Examples of functional art would include, but are not limited to: toys, games, furniture, lamps, fountains, utensils & kaleidoscopes. Drawing and Printmaking
Glass - Original work created in glass by the artist. No molds or other forms of mass production are permitted.
Graphics and Digital Art - Original works created by using traditional or computer design tools to manipulate original images created by the artist. Multiple image prints must be editions that are signed and numbered.
Jewelry - Original jewelry regardless of medium that is created without commercial casts, molds or use of a production studio.
Leather - Handmade original work created with leather.
Mixed Media - Original work of two or three dimensions in which the primary intent is the union of two or more media or physical materials.
Painting (all mediums except watercolor) - Original two-dimensional work created with pigments including oils, acrylics, egg tempera, casein, alkyd or any combination of these pigments.
Photography - Signed prints created by the artist from his/her own original negatives or digital files that have been processed by that artist or under the artist’s direct supervision.
Sculpture - Original three-dimensional work created in any medium.
Watercolor - Original two-dimensional work.
Wood - Original hand-tooled, machine-worked, built-up, turned, or carved work in wood..

  • Application Fee is $30 for Early Bird
  • Final Deadline for an increased fee of $40.00.
  • Additional Fee for Corner Booth* & Electricity* $75.00 each (*Limited availability.)
  • Artist Booth Fee: $500.00.
Additional Corner booth assignments and electrical availability are determined by Show Office. Requests must be entered in the comment section of the confirmation process once an artist has been accepted into the show as limited amounts will be in the zapplication shopping cart.
Artist set-up, including work, display and storage must be contained within a 10 x 10 booth space. All works of Art must be appropriately displayed and priced for sale. Not all booth locations are perfectly level; exhibitors are advised to bring leveling devices for tents and table displays. Assistance from Show volunteers will not be available for booth set-up and tear-down unless previous arrangements have been made and approved by the Show Office. All fire Marshall Rules will be strictly observed at all times especially and including droppable awnings requiring seven (7) foot clearance.
• 24-Hour Booth Security
• Private Artist Restrooms
• Listing on Show Website
• Warm Friendly Staff and Beautiful Environment
• Advertisement opportunity in show brochure for 50% rate
• Daily complimentary Bagel and Coffee
• Complimentary Artist Awards Cocktail and Sunday Night Home –Made Italian Dinner
• Sunday of show, Blessing of the Art by St. Stephen's Episcopal Church staff
Understand that there are no refunds or rain checks due to inclement weather or other acts of God. From December to January 1st, cancellations receive a 50% refund.

St. Stephen’s Art Show
2750 McFarlane Road Coconut Grove, Florida 33133
Daisy Holcombe, Director
email daisy@sseds.org 
Text & Mobile (305) 648-0056

FAX (305) 448-2153

  • Artists may only exhibit artwork in the category in which they were accepted. Small table of addiitonal items is possible if cleared with show Director aesthetically. We want you to sell and market your craft!
  • Artists’ booths must be open and staffed from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm during all three days of the show. No sales agent, family or business representatives may operate the assigned booth. Volunteer booth sitters are availalble for brief breaks.
  • Buy/Sell items are strictly prohibited; the Show staff reserves the right to remove any questionable non-approved items from the Show. Makers have strict rules for their items to be considered Craft.
  • If two artists were accepted as a collaboration effort, BOTH artists must be present all three days of the Show.
  • Subletting, selling or giving of the space to anyone will result in expulsion from show and any future shows.
  • No artwork and/or bins containing artwork may be displayed on the ground and No Sale or Discount signs will be allowed. Ribbons or awards from previous shows will NOT be permitted.
  • Awnings must have a seven (7) foot clearance and be collapsible to be cleared by Fire Marshall.
  • All work must be created, signed and presented by the artist.
  • Signed and numbered limited reproductions of the original works are limited to one (1) medium size bin or one (1) inside wall area, to be hung (limited to 12 pieces) and identified as reproductions.
  • Objects assembled from kits, pre-carved or pre-molded reproductions, manufactured parts, or commercial displays will NOT be permitted.
  • Due to the nature of multiple original image making, photos may be displayed in small aesthetically placed browse boxes or one (1) main centered box as well as on the walls of the booth. Excessive use of browse boxes will not be allowed. Note cards and postcards must be limited to one (1) small rack for all categories.
  • T-shirts & posters are NOT permitted for sale at the Show. The church sells show poster and shirts to raise money for their outreach programs.
  • Artists with children have acccess as needed to a mothers area with infant changing station and air conditioning.
  • Show participants agree to individually comply with all State of Florida tax regulations.
  • All participants and assistants agree to display their work and conduct themselves in a professional manner and comply with all show rules. Alcoholic Beverages, Bikes, Skates, Dogs, or any other Pets or Animals are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in the booths. Show staff reserves the right to review and approve all booth displays and signage to ensure it is consistent with that of a fine art show.
  • All artists are required to check in at the gates upon arrival, in accordance with their load-In schecules, before setting up their booth. A Photo ID is required.
  • This is a “Rain or Shine” event. There will be no refunds for cancellations due to weather.
  • Any breach of the rules forfeits all rights of the artist, and will results in immediate removal from the show without a refund.
  • Sund of the show Artists works and efforts are blessed and honored in a beautiful worship service  open to all people at 8:30 AM.

Booth Information
Specific requests for booths should be typed into the comments and information section when you purchase a booth. Booths are $525 per 10x10 space, corners additional $75 and electric is $75 as well.  Double booths available at $1000. Specific needs should be entered into the comments section. Our long standing policy is to sort juried through veterans requests first then new artists by application date.
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