Event Information


South Florida Garlic Fest 2020 — 21st Annual

John Prince Park
Lake Worth Beach, Florida (South)

Event Dates: 2/8/20 - 2/9/20
Application Deadline: 2/8/20 Midnight EST
174 day(s) and 23 hour(s) remaining


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $40.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Nicknamed “The Best Stinkin’ Party in South Florida”, Garlic Fest attracts 30,000+ attendees each years and books major national music acts to perform all weekend long!
Garlic Fest is an Internationally Award Winning festival featuring gourmet food and entertainment. The event features national performing acts, a Gourmet Alley with over 100 garlic laced menu items, a large children’s amusement area with rides, hundreds of art and craft vendors and full liquor bars.
Founded by a group of local folks looking to establish a fund-raising source for local non-profit organizations, the event relies on volunteer organizations to staff the event. This nonprofit community-based organization based in Palm Beach County, designed the event to be an opportunity to support art & educational programs for Palm Beach County non-profit community organizations, local businesses, and restaurants.
Started in 1998, the South Florida Garlic Fest is a key signature cultural event in south Florida, as well as a successful fundraiser. The South Florida Garlic Fest is a gathering that excites the communal spirit and it enriches the fabric of Palm Beach County life. With the community’s support, the event has distributed $620,000 and donated over thousands of tons of food to nonprofit and volunteer organizations to date.

General Information
Sat., Feb. 8, 2020 (11am – 11pm)
Sun., Feb. 9, 2020 (11am – 6pm)
John Prince Park
4759 South Congress Avenue
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33461
(Reservations accepted via phone only (561-582-7992)
-Palm Beach County residents can register beginning Oct. 10, 2019
$32.77 per day / $196.62 per week (with full hook-up)
-Non Palm Beach County residents can register beginning Nov. 10, 2019
$36.16 per day / $216.96 per week (with full hook-up)
Application & Booth Space Fees:
$40 Jury Fee (non-refundable)
EARLY EXHIBITOR BOOTH  FEES: (Deadline August 2, 2019)
NOTE: If you apply before August 2nd but do not receive confirmation of acceptance/invitation until November, the EARLY EXHIBITOR BOOTH FEE still applies!

**No Food Or Drink Exhibitors Applications Accepted**

10x10 Rental Pkg (Tent, Table, 2 Chairs & Sides) $280
REGULAR EXHIBITOR BOOTH  FEES: (Price increase August 3, 2019 )
Artist / Crafter Exhibitor (10x10) $425
Business Exhibitor (10x10) $750
Edibles Exhibitors (10x10) $425   
Non-Profit Exhibitor (10x10) $300
Balances Due:
Anyone with an outstanding balance, will not be permitted to exhibit at show. If determined that you have a balance due, you must pay cash upon check-in.
Upon check-in, you will receive 2 wristbands that provide you entry into the event.  If you need additional wristbands, please see Vendor Coordinator at the Vendor Check-In booth. (MUST wear wristbands on your wrists at all times in order to enter event - strictly enforced).
PARKING – PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitor Parking is provided at the grass lot on north side of event venue. See site map below for entrance location from Congress Avenue.  Lot opens at 7AM on Sat., Feb. 8th. RV’s can park in lot as early as check-in on Friday, Feb. 7th.
ALL EXHIBITORS LARGE TRUCKS, TRAILERS AND RV’S are REQUIRED to park at the furthest point on west side of lot to allow parking for attendees.

Booth Tear Down:
Packing up of booth supplies may begin at 6:00 pm on Sunday. You may bring your vehicle onsite after the crowds have cleared on Sunday, Feb. 9th only. Garlic Fest staff will advise you when vehicles are permitted on site. We suggest that you bring dollies and hand trucks to remove your booth valuables if you find it necessary to remove any items on Saturday (at close of event).
Items to Bring:
Handy items you may want to bring to setup your booth include - staple gun, cable ties, duct tape, pens, heavy duty 50-100 electric cords, lights and scissors. If you have large, heavy items to move a dolly would be handy to also bring along with you.
Unless other requests and arrangements were made in your agreement, each space will have access to a single 110 outlet, located approx. 25’ from your booth. Exhibitors must provide their own 50’ outdoor approved extension cord for individual needs.
You are responsible for all valuables, items and prizes at your booth. Garlic Fest employs private security, however, we cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items from your booth.
Unless you have ordered (and paid for) a rental package, you are responsible to provide your own tent, table and chairs.
Please make sure the people staffing your booth are familiar with Garlic Fest Booth Policies & Guidelines.
Coordinate staff access to the site in advance to avoid confusion at the ticket gates. Every person staffing your booth, whether employees or subcontractors, will need an admission ticket. You can also provide staff names to Garlic Fest staff person at the Vendor Check-In booth.

Please review the following rules and policies to assure your safety and enjoyment during the festival.
1.   The application fee is deposited upon receipt and is non-refundable. Booth fees are due in full upon acceptance of invitation to show.
2.  All refunds are subject to a $75.00 processing fee. In addition to the $75.00 processing fee, cancellations received between Nov 1st & Dec 31st will result in a 25% retention fee (+$75).  NO refunds will not be made after Jan 1, 2020.
3. Animals, weapons (including pocket knives will NOT be permitted at the event. Private security performs bag checks at entrances.
4. Large inflatables are not permitted without express written permission from Garlic Fest in advance.
5.   Booth placement is carefully chosen by the committee. Categories do not indicate space locations. No changes in booth location permitted after the event begins.
6.   Exhibitors may not share booth space nor may they sublet or apportion space to anyone else. Booths are non-transferable and must occupied by the applicant. Artists may only exhibit work in the category in which they applied. Items misrepresenting works presented at time of application are subject to immediate dismissal from the show. Artists must display their own work.
7.   Display space is permitted within your 10x10 tent area onlyNo items are permitted placement outside of your 10x10 tent. Construction of booth & displays must be appropriate and be able to withstand inclement weather and crowd activity.
8.   Cartons or boxes must be kept out of view. Exhibitors are responsible for keeping booth space clean, safe & secure. Exhibits and materials contained must be within the assigned booth space and cannot be extended. Please break down all packing material, cardboard and corrugated boxes at your booth location and place on outside of your tent for Operations to pick-up.
9.   You must display appropriate conduct. The committee reserves the right to remove or prohibit anything which is deemed not suitable, including persons, conduct, material and other items. No selling or soliciting outside of booth space.
10. Break down of booths must be completed and removed by 9:00 PM on Sunday. Any materials left behind will be confiscated. 
11. Participation is required both days/all hours of event. Exhibitors who break down displays or depart before close of show each day will not be allowed to return to future shows.
12. Electricity is provided! Please provide your own power cords.  Recommend 25ft to 50ft.
13.  No food products may be sold or given away by artists or business exhibitors. If you have been approved as a sampling sponsor or exhibitor for an approved food product at your booth, you must provide a copy of your liability insurance certificate with Delray Beach Arts, 140 NE 1st Street, Delray Beach, FL 33444 and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, c/o Special Events Department 2700 Sixth Avenue South, Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33461 listed as an additional insured and email to info@festivalmanagementgroup.com.  Product sampling approved in advance are limited to 1-1/2 OZ portions only.
14. Exhibitors will cause no noise which can be heard beyond the perimeters of their own exhibitor space. This noise includes but is not limited to music (recorded or live demonstrations) or motivational tapes. Hawking of items is prohibited.
15. Vendors are responsible for the collection, payment, and reporting of their own sales tax.
16. Parking is available at no charge in Vendor Parking Lot provided.  (All exhibitors MUST check-in at Vendor Check-In first.)  Upon check-in at Vendor Check-In Tent, you will receive two parking passes.  If additional passes are needed for staff, you can request on setup day. 
RV’s, trailers, etc. can park on a first-come first-serve basis in Vendor Lot (signage to direct to location). No vans, automobiles or self-propelled vehicles may be used in adjacent to display area.
17. Exhibitors must abide by and displays must be in accordance with local fire regulations.
18. Palm Beach Sheriff’s officers and Private security provide security during the shows hours of operation; private security is on site after hours. The show takes place in an urban area, so reasonable precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of your property. All work is exhibited at the artist’s own risk.
19.  You must use weights to anchor your booths down.

Your online application and/or return of the registration materials indicate your understanding and acceptance of the Rules of Participation and General Policies. Rules Committee members circulate during the show and any vendor observed not following the rules may be immediately dismissed and will not be allowed to participate in Garlic Fest again. Reasons for expulsion from the show are not limited to these violations and any artist or vendor may be put on probation or excluded at the discretion of the Garlic Fest.
During the term of this agreement, the vendor assumes all risks in connection with the permitted activity and shall be solely responsible for damage or injury, of whatever kind, to person or property, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the permitted activity or the conduct of vendors operation. Vendor hereby expressly agrees to hold harmless Delray Beach Arts, Palm Beach County, Festival Management Group, its agents, volunteers, employees, officers and directors for penalties for violation of any law, ordinance or regulation affecting its activity and from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages or injuries directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with permitted activity or conduct of its operation or resulting from the negligence or intentional acts of vendor or its officers, agents or employees.

Booth Information
Sat., Feb. 8, 2020 (11am – 11pm)
Sun., Feb. 9, 2020 (11am – 6pm)
Garlic Fest features live music all weekend long with national act headliners. Music is loud at night and sometimes throughout the day.
Application & Booth Space Fees:
$40 Jury Fee (non-refundable)
EARLY EXHIBITOR BOOTH  FEES: (Deadline August 2, 2019)
NOTE: If you apply before August 2nd but do not receive confirmation of acceptance/invitation until November, the EARLY EXHIBITOR BOOTH FEE still applies!

10x10 Rental Pkg (Tent, Table, 2 Chairs & Sides) $280

**No Food or Drink Exhibitor Applications Accepted**

REGULAR EXHIBITOR BOOTH  FEES: (Price increase August 3, 2019 )
** 7% Florida Sales Tax will be added to booth fees at check-out**

Artist / Crafter Exhibitor $425
Business Exhibitor $750
Buy/Sell Exhibitor $425
Edibles Exhibitors $425
Non-Profit Exhibitor $300
Booth Spaces are 10’ X 10’ and work must be contained within the assigned space. You may not infringe on another space physically or audibly.  For double booth (10x20), you must select two booths.
An artist requesting a corner must either have the corner wall open or use the outside wall to display art.
Special booth space and special needs requests will be accepted but are not guaranteed. We will make every effort to meet all special requests on a first come, first served basis. Additional charges may apply. Please include all booth requests on the registration form.
During the festival, all exhibits will be visited by a festival representative to ensure that they are in compliance with our festival policies. It is the exclusive right and responsibility of the Festival Staff to call for the removal of work that is not in compliance with the festival policies and requirements. Non-compliance may result in expulsion from the festival or refusal of future festival participation.
All tents are required to withstand winds and rain and be properly weighted. Properly weighting requires AT LEAST 40 pounds per leg (more in windy weather). Tents must be connected to weights with rope or straps, not bungee cords. Weights may not include cinderblocks or water jugs as they do not meet the 40 pound requirement. 
Cancellation Policy
All cancellations are subject to a $75.00 processing fee. In addition to the $75.00 processing fee, cancellations received between Nov 1st & Dec 31st will result in a 25% retention fee (+$75).  Refunds will not be made after Jan 1, 2020. Cancellations must be made in written form and submitted by email. Emails should be sent to the Vendor Coordinator at info@festivalmanagementgroup.com.  (Garlic Fest is a fund-raising source for local non-profit organizations.  The event relies on volunteers organizations to staff the event.)
No Show Policy
Artists who have not checked in and/or notified event with a message via festival office phone (561-279-0907),  or email (info@festivalmanagementgroup.com) by 7:00 am on the first day of festival, will be considered a NO SHOW and the assigned space will be forfeited with no refund.

*Dates and details subject to change*
Friday, Feb. 7th from 12:00 pm – 9 pm (Booth # and location provided upon check-in.)
Entry is permitted ONLY via main entrance to John Prince Park at 4759 South Congress Avenue, Lake Worth Beach, FL.  You must check-in with staff at Vendor Check-In to be directed to your booth location.  No exceptions.
Please bring any extension cords, lights, décor, table cloths or other items you might need. 
You can access event grounds by 7:00 am on Sat., Feb. 8th.  NO vehicles permitted onsite after 8:00 am on Sat., Feb. 8th. Set up must be completed by 9:00 am on Sat., Feb. 8th and ready to open at 11 am. (If you & your vehicle are not on site by 8:00 am, you will have to cart in product.)
Saturday, Feb. 8th (11:00 am – 11:00 pm) *Permitted to close booth at 10:00 PM on Sat., Feb. 8
Sunday, Feb. 9th (11:00 am – 6:00 pm)
During Check-In it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to answer all phone calls.  If you need immediate assistance, please text our Vendor Manager, Tom Colon at 561-632-9548 or Cheryl Smith at 561-445-1624. 
If you have any questions leading up to the event, please feel free to contact us at 561-409-5966 and ask for Cheryl.  We look forward to another great show with you!
Attendee Admission Fee:
Saturday $12 before 6:00 pm / $20 after 6:00 pm, Sunday $12 all day